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vender coche gratis


by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Dear Folks,

There is something totally new about stores filled with Christmas decorations playing Jingle Bells while it is sunny and 90 degrees outside.... :-)

We got together for the first time at Torrente, and all but one found the kitchen quite satisfactory. It was decided to meet again there, but to get together at 14 (2 pm) instead of 12, since some like to sleep longer and some come quite a distance to get here. So remember,

Sunday at 14:00 (2 pm) at Torrente, José Enrique Rodó 1954

at the corner of J. A. Rodriquez

Items worthy of note include:

1. A French chamber music concert is scheduled for December 5th at 19:30 (7:30 pm) at the Museo Juan Zorrilla de San Martin down by Parque Punta Carretas. Debora Cohen, a local dramatic Mezzo-Soprano with a smooth, rich voice, will be singing. There are no tickets to buy, because the concert is free.

2. There's lots going on in Colon: On December 4th at 5:30 pm, there will be a party to celebrate the new bus station--Corredor Ave Garzón. Then, on the 8th of December, there will be another celebration at the Plaza Colon in honor of all the work that has been done on the street.

3. And if you're interest in living in Colon, there is a house for sale 5 blocks from the Plaza. It is urgent because of a trip by the taxi-driver owner, and it is priced at U$S 30,000.00. For details, call 094 134 120

4. While Vida Sana, a Chinese vegetarian restaurant at the corner of 18 Julio and Tristan Narvaja, got another recommendation, a local said she is wary of Chinese restaurants here because they have frequent problems with cleanliness and cockroaches. (Just reporting the comment, not saying this one has these problems.)

5. A final decision has not yet been made about when and where we should meet, so your input will be appreciated. Some have suggested moving the day to Saturday, but others, particularly those who have a far way to travel, prefer Sunday, but they have suggested a later time, so we are going to try that and see how people like it. If you have a different restaurant to suggest, do please suggest it, and we will talk to them, set a date to meet there, and see how we like it. Some have commented that, since they do not come every week, they do not feel entitled to vote, but this is not the case. Everyone's input is appreciated, since we are looking for the solution that pleases the most people.

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