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The Uruguay Economy


Agricultural pursuits form the main foundation for the Uruguay economy. Indeed, agriculture based industries create more than 10% of the GDP (gross domestic product) for this nation and agriculture also produces the majority of all Uruguay exports. One example of the popularity of Uruguay agricultural products involves Manos de Uruguay yarns and wool.

Although there have been charges and documentation of corruption and other political woes in many Latin American countries both Uruguay and Chile have earned reputations for having strong, democratic governments.

Uruguay and Chile have been listed as the most independent and least corrupt nations in all of Latin America according to recent Transparency International research and documentation.

Both of these countries can also boast of having labor and political systems that are among the finest on the South American continent.

One of the strengths that Uruguay possesses is its people. Education is a serious and respected endeavor to the people of Uruguay. The country of Uruguay has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Many of the young adults are intent on continuing with their studies so that they can both create a better life for their families and help their country move forward.

There is no doubt that Uruguay is positioning itself as a role model for a number of other Latin American countries. The popularity and success of Uruguay trade is reason enough for this small nation to be used as an example that shows how to develop strong and well planned economic policies.

The Uruguay peso has continued to weather storms over the years despite some periodic dips relating to inflation and economic woes that have affected many countries. The country has consistently taken bold steps to insure that Uruguay currency does not falter drastically which has helped maintain public faith in their monetary system.

Uruguay is always striving to create a better life for its citizens and is presently ranked as one of the top South American countries regarding economical development. The Uruguay economy is based on a wealth of factors including;

  • A high GDP per capita
  • The country's inclusion as one of the world's top 50 nations regarding quality of life.
  • Beef and beef products now amount to more than 1/3 of all Uruguay exports. This is not surprising because beef cattle were first brought to the country more than 400 years ago.
  • A strong dairy region that is found in the southwestern part of Uruguay.
  • Rice production and exports from the Uruguay lowlands. Saman is the nationally owned and operated company that deals with this agricultural product.
  • IT industries and banking are becoming strong forces in the Uruguay economy today and will soon factor even more heavily in the country's future development.
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has created a number of policies that are helping foster a stronger Uruguay peso for the country.
  • State owned companies that control most of the nation's important services such as communications, utilities and other energy needs. Antel Uruguay is one exception to this.
Tourism is becoming a major factor in the Uruguay economy with high end beach resorts and condos being built in popular locales such as Punta del Este Uruguay.

Large cruise ships include the nation's capital city on their port of call rosters from October to March each year and this has become

One of the world's most popular
Latin American destinations for vacationers

The new airport terminal at the Montevideo Airport is also creating an added boost to the numbers of tourists who are coming to explore Uruguay.

As the country continues to thrive and the Uruguay economy prospers there is little doubt that debate over private industries will become more pronounced.

Has been some privatization of businesses in Uruguay and will be more in the future, but for now most citizens are quite happy with the country's infrastructure and economic conditions.

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