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Departments of Uruguay


Here are the 19 departments of Uruguay. A Department would be similair to a province or state in North America. You will notice that there are also cities in Uruguay that share the same name as the department.

As time permits, we will be adding the relevant Uruguay links as well as Uruguay videos and pictures.

19 Departments of Uruguay

  • Artigas History, leaders and major events are all honored here. Even the bus terminal Terminal of Bus General Artigas retains its aura of historical significance although it has been modernized and updated.
  • Canelones Nearly 17% of the nation’s citizens reside within the Department of Canelones. Other departments that border Canelones include Maldonado, Florida, San Jose and Lavalleja.
  • Cerro Largo Uruguay has had many of the original buildings maintained or restored and on display so that Uruguayans and tourists can be educated about the Departments history.
  • Colonia Its southwestern countryside extends from the interior of Uruguay to the peaceful banks of the Rio de la Plata River. From hills and valleys to wide beaches, this is a place with adventures that will please everyone.
  • Durazno is well respected as being one of the major agricultural areas in all of Uruguay.
  • Flores One of the major draws attracting large numbers of visitors to the site is the abundance of a prehistoric art form that is found here.
  • Florida covers more than 10,000 square kilometers. Although the official population for this department is well over 60,000 almost half the residents live in the capital city which is also known as Florida.
  • Lavalleja is known for having a more rural appearance and a slower pace of life than some of the other Departments of Uruguay.
  • Maldonado In the past 50 years the growth of the tourist industry has risen dramatically particularly in the cities of Punta del Este, Piri√°polis, La Barra, Pan de Azucar and Jose Ignacio.
  • Montevideo will meet the needs of any adventurous traveler. Whether you want to spend your days shopping, exploring tourist attractions, strolling along the beaches or fishing in the ocean you will find a number of opportunities to engage in your favorite pursuits.
  • Paysandu Sports are a major attraction with football, tennis, polo, rugby and sailing being some of the favorites. For those who prefer to take things easy the beautiful, sunny beaches are always available.
  • Rio Negro The pace of life is slow and unhurried, the fresh foods are delicious and there are hills, valleys and vineyards to explore.
  • Rivera Although agricultural pursuits are a mainstay to the local economy, mining is equally important as this area is famed for its wealth of minerals including quartz and gold.
  • Rocha is a top investment area for Real Estate investors. The Rocha beaches are just as beautiful as those that are in the Department of Maldonado Uruguay, yet the cost for Rocha based real estate is much lower.
  • Salto You can hike through rainforest regions, swim in clear lakes, or simply explore the natural wonders that are so plentiful in this departments of Uruguay.
  • San Jose With beaches, buildings, parks and other wonderful sights to fill the hours you will find that a trip to this region of Uruguay can be extremely rewarding.
  • Soriano is famous for being the birthplace of one of Uruguay’s presidents. Juan Idiarte Borda was the nation’s president (1894-1897) and Sorriano residents still honor his legacy to this very day.
  • Tacuarembo The coastal beaches are a main draw for visitors in Montevideo, Uruguay but there are forests, parks and exotic rivers that can be discovered.
  • Treinta y Tres is home to Quebrada de los Cuervos which has won recognition for being the first nationally protected ecosystem in Uruguay.

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