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Department of
Rio Negro Uruguay


Uruguay’s Department of Rio Negro is an inland province that is located in the western portion of South America’s second smallest nation. The capital of this province is a city that is called Fray Bentos.

The city of Fray Bentos is also the largest city in the Department. Other cities in the Department of Rio Negro with at least 1000 Uruguayans include Young, San Javier and Nuevo Berlin.

Department Of Rio Negro

The Rio Negro Department is spread out over a total area of less than 4,000 square miles. This province is home to approximately 55,000 full time people of Uruguay and during peak tourism months there are a number of tourists that come to explore this region.

Some people come to Rio Negro province specifically to enjoy the rural setting. This is a region where many things seem to have remained the same over the years. The pace of life is slow and unhurried, the fresh foods are delicious and there are hills, valleys and vineyards to explore.

The western border of the Department of Rio Negro is shared with Argentina, and it is the wide, waters of the Uruguay River that separates the country of Argentina from this Uruguay province.

The Paysandu is located to the north of Rio Negro and the Tacuarembo borders Rio Negro on the east.

To the south of Rio Negro Province are the departments of Soriano and Durazno.

Among the beautiful geographic features of the Rio Negro Province are the hills. There are two important ranges that must be mentioned. The first is the north to south range known as the Haedo Hill Range and the other is called the de Navarro Hill Range.

The department of Rio Negro was created almost 150 years ago in 1868. At this time this western Uruguayan province was carved from a portion of the territory known as Paysandu.

The Rio Negro region of Uruguay has long based its economy on agricultural pursuits. Even today many of the residents are involved in farming and ranching.

In addition to maize, flax and wheat Rio Negro is also recognized for producing fine grapes that are used to create Uruguay wines.

Vineyards, wineries and dairy farms are now becoming the most important local Uruguay economy for those living in this Department in Uruguay.

There are a number of hot water springs in this Uruguayan Department. These thermal spas are found mainly in the Las Canas region and are responsible for enticing many guests to discover this western Uruguayan department.

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