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Explore Paysandu Uruguay


The city of Paysandu Uruguay is one of the largely undiscovered, natural jewels in the South American country of Uruguay. This popular town is nearly 400 km away from city of Montevideo, the Capital city of Uruguay.

Paysandu Uruguay is close to several large provinces including the Departments of Salto, Rio Negro and Tacuarembo. You can easily travel to Paysandu by land or air.

Although it is a favorite destination for many South American visitors other tourists are just now discovering its many charms.

Agriculture, ranching and vineyards are all a part of the economy in Paysandu, Uruguay. In addition to the beautiful scenery, forested woodlands and historic attractions this town is one of the best places to come for a fun filled and exciting vacation.

There are many festivals that are held in Paysandu Uruguay and neighboring provinces. If your idea of a wonderful vacation includes parties, good food and live music then Paysandu is a town that will live up to all of your expectations.

People often come to the city of Paysandu and the Department of Tacuarembo for the Carnival festivities that are held each February. This is one of the major celebrations for Uruguay and residents are as enthusiastic about Carnival season as any first time tourists.

Beer Week is another annual festival for the people of Uruguay and tourists to enjoy. The date of this festival coincides with Holy Week and it is always highly attended by thousands of individuals.

Live Uruguay music, sports events, games, Uruguay food and cultural fun are just a few of the activities for festival goers.

Is a time when groups of musicians from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and many other countries gather in large numbers to entertain the crowds. Exhibitions are also held so that local crafts and other Uruguay products can be highlighted.

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A national day of festive events occurs each year on the 8th of June in Paysandu, Uruguay. This is the date that Paysandu was officially declared a city of Uruguay it is a date that all the residents honor annually.

Paysandu festivities are held during a four day period and visitors will have the opportunity to view many exciting shows and sports events. There will be food, fun and even Uruguay gaucho parades that highlight their history as well as their many roping and riding skills.

Located very near the city of Paysandu, Uruguay is another small town known as Trinidad. You can reach Trinidad Uruguay just before you arrive at the Paysandu and Colon border that separates Uruguay and Argentina.

You may want to come to this area of Uruguay because here is where the nation's collective ecological conscience first came to life. The role of animals and nature are revered by many people who live in and around the city of Trinidad.

One of the famous attractions in Trinidad, Uruguay is a collection of metal sculptures created by Martin Arregui. These artworks celebrate the native birds and animals that can be found in South America.

Just ask any local people of Uruguay for directions to the Zooilogico del Futuro.

There are some campsites, private apartments and hotels that are all available to rent if you are touring Paysandu, Uruguay. The campsites are very clean and many visitors find that a night underneath the clear night sky is the most refreshing of all lodging choices. Camping gives you a chance to fully appreciate the natural wonders that abound in Paysandu.

The Department of Paysandu Uruguay

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