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Have you been to Uruguay? Have you met the friendly and welcoming people of Uruguay and experienced the rich culture and history of this amazing South American Country?

If you have; We welcome you to share your experiences while exploring Uruguay, with our readers.

You can pick from countless topics about Uruguay to write about. Share the good and the bad. Whether you know of fantastic Hotels in Uruguay, an amazing Uruguay attraction or beautiful secluded Uruguay beaches, we want to hear from you!

You can write for Explore Uruguay on Topics that include:

If you don't know what category your information falls into, don't worry, simply fill in the Form at the bottom of this page.

I will personally make sure we find the right home for your submission.

I will also contact you and let you know as soon as your article is posted so that you can share it with your friends and fellow travellers!

If you like, you can include pictures and video with your story (We would really appreciate that!) Or just submit a quick blurb about your time Exploring Uruguay.

I promise to give you credit for your submission, or you can submit it anonymously if you are the shy type or simply want to be anonymous.

Thank you for visiting I value the readers and writers who are working together to make this site a leader in providing thorough, accurate information for anyone wanting to Explore Uruguay.

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This is a place for people interested in Uruguay to come together and share their knowledge about this Gem of South America. Share your thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos and stories about the Truly Amazing South American Country of Uruguay.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Question about Cost of Living
in Montevideo Uruguay
Hello, I am a student at a high school and after I graduate high school I am thinking of studying in Uruguay. I am from El Salvador and I want to study …

Why I love Uruguay South America  
Here are some of the reasons why I love Uruguay South America. The People of Uruguay are Honest! Having traveled extensively throughout Latin America …

My Experience of a Stag Weekend
in Monetvideo Uruguay
Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. When I arrived in the city, I came to enjoy a stag party with my friends. Always being a critical traveler, I wasn't …

Uruguay Event September 6, 2012 Not rated yet
Dear Folks, Sorry this is so late, but I just found out about it. Tomorrow, Thursday, September 6th , De Picos Pardos is having a special, one …

Uruguay upcoming Event
First MMS Seminar in Uruguay
 Not rated yet
First MMS Seminar in Uruguay Tentative date: September 21st, 22nd and 23rd (English and Spanish) Here is the location where it will be held: Minas, …

Himno Nacional de la
República Oriental del Uruguay
 Not rated yet
Letra completa I Libertad, libertad Orientales Este grito a la patria salvó, Que a sus bravos en fieras batallas(bis3) De entusiasmo sublime inflamó …

Uruguay Sounds Nice! Not rated yet
And that it is! This South American metropolis is basking in the tropical sun, sharing a border with Brazil. One thing is for certain, if you are able …

Plaza de San Fernando,
Maldonado Uruguay
 Not rated yet
Construction began in 1798. Construction stopped when the British invaded the Rio de la Plata in 1804. When the British to Maldonado Uruguay,the population …

Eco Tourism Cerro Verde Not rated yet
A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of returning to one of the most beautiful places that have the Rocha coast. As magnificent as unknown. Cerro Verde …

Uruguay Heritage Day Not rated yet
The National Parliament declared 2011 as year of "Bicentennial Celebration of Emancipation East process as part of the American peoples' struggle for self-determination …

Yerba Mate Not rated yet
There are other herbal teas under the name of mate but not performed in the classic format (matt bulb, grass), we will describe some of them: - Yerba …

Carrasco International Airport Not rated yet
Carrasco International Airport Uruguay welcome to the world, World welcome to Uruguay is the motto of the new and recently released Carrasco International …

Florida Uruguay Not rated yet
The Department of Florida , Uruguay was founded by law on July 10, 1856. Florida´s geographic location, facilitates communication with Montevideo, …

Explore Paysandu Uruguay Not rated yet
The Department of Paysandu is known for its important influence on business in Uruguay and is located in a strategic area of communication with the rest …

House of Representatives Not rated yet
The House of Representatives is located inside the Legislative Palace in Montevideo Uruguay It is the legislative branch of the Oriental Republic …

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