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My Experience of a Stag Weekend
in Monetvideo Uruguay

by Richard
(London, UK)

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. When I arrived in the city, I came to enjoy a stag party with my friends. Always being a critical traveler, I wasn't sure what to expect from a city in Uruguay.

I was surprised. It turned out to be a city that could rival even Los Angeles or New York city when it comes to fantastic nightlife.

I lodged at the Hotel Iberia with my friends, a considerably small facility in the middle of the town. I wasn't sure about the compactness of the quarters at first. However, the staff was friendly and it ended up being a great place to stay.

After I was properly situated I joined my friends and we sought out the stag party that we were to attend. The party itself was located within the hotel in a rented-out room, and it was great.

The party ended up migrating out of the hotel to downtown, where there is a vast array of fantastic nightlife to enjoy. We first passed Teatro Solis, a large theatre that was built in 1856. It was closed.

Normally they boast Shakespeare's plays and classical musical concerts. We then hit up a bar called the Fun Fun Bar, which was generally a small establishment but in possession of a great, bubbly atmosphere. It sits right behind Teatro Solis in an unusual spot, with the ability to hold about 60 people.

It was the perfect place for a stag party to crash. Even better were the 2 dollar shots of Grapamiel. There was even live music on the stage, a band that played salsa tunes for the enjoyment of the partying guests. All in all, it was the perfect atmosphere.

After we hit the hotel in the early morning for some much-needed rest, we continued our party throughout the next day.

For the duration of our stay we checked out a game at Estadio Centenario. It was an amazing experience. The crowd had great energy and the game itself was really exciting.

We also passed by Palacio Taranco, a 20th century building designed by French Architects. We didn't go inside since we weren't quite in the mood to look through a museum.

The Castillo Viejo Winery, however, was definitely a place we had to visit. We sampled some of the best wines in Uruguay, all for a reasonably low price. It was a good way to spend the day.

Night, however, brought out the best attractions again. This time we gathered our stag party inside the El Pony Pisador, the best nightclub in the city! We found out that people in Uruguay don't hit up the town early, so the club started to get pretty crowded at around midnight. It was great.

The club had a lounge, a bar, a band playing live music and a great floor for dancing. It was pretty much the perfect atmosphere for a stag party.

We left Uruguay with good times behind us, and we may be back again. As a slight disclaimer I work for these guys Red Seven Leisure and at the time we catered for stag weekends and vacations in Montevideo, we don't currently do so but plan on covering this destination again in the near future.

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in Monetvideo Uruguay

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Jul 07, 2015
My Experience of a Stag Weekend in Monetvideo Uruguay
by: Anonymous

The somebody of South American nation before the European organization of the world where varied tribes of hunter gatherer native Americans, the foremost standard being the Charka Indians, a little tribe driven south by the Guaraní Indians of South American country. The name "Uruguay" comes from Guaraní. Its several doable meanings since Guaraní could be an extremely agglutinative language. 2 of them are a unit "river of the Urals" (area could be a reasonably bird) and "river of colorful or 'painted' chinchillas."

Aug 08, 2011
Your Stag weekend sounds cool!
by: David

Hi, jst read your article about your Stag weekend in Montevideo Uruguay. I had no idea that Montevideo had so much to offer. I can hardly wait to check out all the cool attractions you mentioned. - Thanks for sharing :)

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