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Uruguay Activities
for any taste or budget


There are plenty of Uruguay activities for every personality type. From windsurfing at the beaches of Uruguay to Sandboarding in Cabo Polonio.

Casinos and Festivals abound as do fine dining restaurants and an exciting nightclubs.

Uruguay offers plenty of live entertainment as well as sight seeing tours and Museums that explore the culture and history of Uruguay.

  • Backpack as you explore Santa Teresa National Park, Punta del Diablo and other cities in Uruguay
  • Beaches Visit one of many extraordinary Uruguay beaches
  • Blues Festivals World renowned
  • Boating Plenty of boat and yacht clubs to enjoy
  • Dance the night away Clubs are open past dawn and into the morning hours and there is no last call
  • Dining Uruguay offers the best Steaks in the World
  • Entertainment Great shows, including the infamous Tango
  • Festivals of Uruguay
  • Fishing Deep sea, salt, and Fresh water
  • Gambling Casinos are open 24 hours a day
  • Hiking Fantastic National Parks, sand dunes and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Hunting - Uruguay offers some Fantastic Duck hunting
  • Horseback Riding is a fun family activity for all ages and experience
  • Night Life Uruguay parties all night and into the early morning hours, long after the sun has risen.
  • Shopping for lots of bargains and antiques at large local flea markets
  • Sightseeing Uruguay is rich in Culture and History
  • Uruguay Sports include Golf, Tennis, Polo

Wow, thats alot to do!

Ok, so now you have done alot of the Uruguay activities. Ive taken you to beaches. You have enjoyed a Blues Festival in Uruguay, surfed and sandboarded. You even gambled in the Conrad Hotel and Casino.

You still want to experience Uruguay some more dont you?

Well if that's the case and you are looking for even more Uruguay activities, then once again, you're in luck because I am going to share some more ideas.

One of my favourite activies was renting a scooter and exploring Uruguay. You can bomb around on one of these inexpensive, well maintained scooters for next to nothing. I would suggest driving along the coast and visiting as many cities in Uruguay as you can. There are lots of interesting attractions to see, so taking a camera with you is a must.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that your back might get sore from spending all those hours on your scooter. if you get tired or sore you can always stop at one of the many fabulous restaurants and sample some authentic Uruguay food.

Did you know that Uruguay has an exceptional National Soccer team? Why don't we go Watch the National Uruguay Team play.

Finally, if you are the kind of person who would just like to go on a great Uruguay vacation and let somebody else take care of planning all the activities, you can book a Tour with my favourite tourism company.

Novoturismo will plan your Uruguay activities, so you're never stuck for something to do.

If you are finding all this information about Uruguay interesting, then I think its time we go Explore Uruguay some more!

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Uruguay Activity with our readers?

Do you have a story and maybe some pictures to share about an Activity in Uruguay that you enjoyed? Click here to Share it!

Want to Suggest or
Share a Uruguay Activity?

Do you have a story and maybe some pictures to share about an Activity in Uruguay that you enjoyed? Share it!

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