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Uruguay Duck Hunting


Uruguay Duck Hunting has been a popular tradition for countless years. This beautiful country boasts many tourist attractions, one of which is hunting for ducks and other birds.

If you are an avid hunter traveling to Uruguay for the first time, the following information will help you decide how to go about getting the most out of your Uruguay duck hunting vacation.

One major company that offers duck hunting is Los Gauchos Outfitters, an American-owned company that is located on the El Sauce ranch, about 100 miles away from Brazil. The ranch is surrounded by eucalyptus trees which are often used as duck blinds.

The company offers a flat fee per day and the fee includes
gun and ammunition rental plus tips for great hunting.

For $550 per day, travelers can hunt ducks to their heart's content, and for $399 a day, they can hunt doves and there is a pigeon hunt option as well. Guides employed by Los Gauchos, who speak English and Spanish, lead participants around the ranch and position them in the best spots to locate ducks.

People who have hunted with Los Gauchos Outfitters, reported a high yield of ducks and said that the lodging is comfortable.

Another company that offers pigeon, dove and duck hunting is Black River Outfitters , near the Rio Negro. They boast individually customized trips that will meet anyone's needs. Uruguay duck hunting takes place near the Estancia San Cirilo with views of lovely lagoons.

Ducks that might appear include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Blue-Winged
  • Ringed
  • Brazilian Teal
  • Speckled Teal
  • Chiloe Wigeon
  • Yellow Billed Pintail
  • White Cheeked Pintail
  • Red Shoveler as well as many others

Spot-wing and Picazuro Pigeon hunting makes use of decoys and begins right after sunrise; hunting these birds is truly a challenge due to their unpredictable flight movements.

For a truly unique experience, hunters can go after the perdiz, which do not appear in North America. Uruguay's landscape is perfect for these birds, so it's a great place to come for a new experience.

Hunters also have the option of choosing Ramsey Russell's Get Ducks Outfitters to guide them while shooting pigeons, ducks, perdiz and pigeons in Uruguay. This company also provides luxury lodging and customized trips dependent upon need.

Those looking to especially hunt doves can visit western Colonia and Rio Negro provinces. These areas boast much sorghum, sunflower and soybeans that attract many eared doves; those who have gone on Get Ducks dove hunts have fired 1000 - 1500 shotshells in just one afternoon.

Those hunting for perdiz will be accompanied by both a human guide and a pointer dog and are allowed ten birds per person.

Maybe you are coming to Uruguay primarily for the festival season in Montevideo Uruguay. Perhaps you have come mainly to go surfing in Uruguay.

Or maybe you've come because you are interested in Uruguay's history and to experience the unique Uruguay culture.

In any case, as you can see, if you would like to try duck hunting while you are exploring Uruguay, there are many options available.

If you're done with Uruguay Duck Hunting, then its time to
Enjoy the Beaches of Uruguay

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