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Weather in Uruguay


Do you have questions about the weather in Uruguay? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Are you lucky enough to be able to travel on a regular basis? Uruguay is a South American Country that should be on your list of places to visit. A neighbor of Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay boasts exciting tourist attractions and opportunities to partake in a wide array of activities.

The country boasts a very temperate climate all year round, with spring being the least favorable time of year to visit because the chilly, powerful pampero winds blowing in from Argentina. However, different regions experience slight variances in their weather patterns.

Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo is Uruguay's capital and the site of festive celebrations during all Major Holidays. This part of the country is warm and subtropical, with humidity reaching its peak in the summer. Its winters are relatively mild and dry, with spring being quite unpredictable.

Spring visitors might experience some of Montevideo's intense thunderstorms, so those disliking lots of precipitation might want to avoid coming to Montevideo then. However, it is rare that this area will be hit with a cyclone or anything else more severe than a thunderstorm.

The average high in the summer is around 28C or 83F and the average low in the winter is 12C or 50F. Basically, anyone wishing to surf, sandboard, fish or just relax will find Uruguay to be very pleasurable.

Punta del Este Uruguay

People coming to Uruguay to Surf usually settle in near Punta del Este because it houses many of the Great beaches of Uruguay. These beaches brush up against the Atlantic Ocean and the winds being driven over the ocean make for larger waves.

However, on the river side of the city of Punta del Este, the waters are calmer, making them more favorable for people who just like to wade, swim or perhaps fish. Excellent weather is consistent in Punta del Este from mid November until early May. Many times, people visiting this area say they smell an enticing salty pine scent in the air.

Colonia Uruguay

Colonia is a very historical part of Uruguay. Its main city, Colonia del Sacramento, was founded in 1680 and was the only Portuguese settlement near the Rio de la Plata. At this site, the Spanish and Portuguese fought for control of the land. It still has the appearance of a quaint little town; it is not tarnished with cookie-cutter modern day structures.

Therefore, people visiting Colonia will want to come when the weather in Uruguay is not very rainy so that they can enjoy seeing all of the historic landmarks. That means that spring should be avoided. However, autumn, summer and even winter would not be bad times to come to Colonia.

Other things to do when the weather in Uruguay is most favorable, during the months of December through January include camping on the lovely Balneario beach and doing outdoor shopping to find unique crafts made by the people of Uruguay.

Salto Uruguay

Situated along the northern tip of the Uruguay River, Salto is the capital of Salto Department and is a close neighbor to Montevideo Uruguay so it shares with it a very humid summer temperature, which is perfect for one of the area's main tourist attractions: its hot springs resorts.

Hot springs are plentiful in this region. They are not only beautiful, but calming as well.

Even when it is very hot, though, visitors can cool down under the nice shade trees that line the streets, so when they are out shopping or picking up fresh fish and produce from local business owners, there's a place to rest during the hot season.

Those who dislike humidity can just visit during spring or autumn. Autumn especially is very nice because the weather in Uruguay is less tropical but it's not quite as rainy as spring or winter weather in Uruguay.

Rocha Uruguay

The climate in Rocha, located in southeast Uruguay, is also very warm for most of the year. However, like the rest of the regions mentioned here, it gets its fair share of rain.

The rain is helpful for maintaining this region's stunning lagoons. Continued drought would dry these lagoons up up, and visitors would not be able to view them or the foliage and wildlife that co-exist near the lagoons.

Like the rest of Uruguay, Rocha is a pleasant place to visit for general outdoor activities, fine dining, and relaxing beach views.

Those coming to Uruguay to engage in water sports should plan according to where the beaches are calmer or fiercer, whichever they are looking for. Those coming just to experience the culture of Uruguay can come anytime, even spring, if they bring some raingear and galoshes!

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