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Salto Uruguay


Salto Uruguay is a city that was founded in 1756 by Don José Joaquín Vianna, who was then the governor of Montevideo. The area finally achieved official status as a city more than 100 years later in 1863.

Salto Uruguay is located slightly northwest of the capital city of Montevideo and it has a unique link to Uruguayan history. It seems that during the year 1811 thousands of emigrants camped in this city for several weeks as they made their escape from the royalists who were at that time in control of much of the country of Uruguay.

Salto is a scenic and picturesque site that is located on the eastern shores of the Uruguay River. This river is the geographic feature that serves as the border between Salto Uruguay and the neighboring Argentine city of Concordia.

Due to the city's southern hemisphere location the warmest months are during January and February, with a pleasant average temperature of 80 degrees F. There are a few times when the thermometer may reach 95 degrees F or higher, but even then there are cooling breezes bearing in from the coastline.

Salto's coldest month is in June, when the thermometer reading hovers around 50 degrees F. There is no real rainy season for this region and gentle rains fall evenly throughout the year. Taking advantage of such a temperate climate, locals and visitors alike flock to the river for refreshing swims or travel to the shore to lounge on the warm, sunny beaches.

Perhaps what Salto is best known for, however, is its multiple natural thermal pools that are scattered throughout the area. The nearly constant 100 degree readings make the heated waters at Termas del Arapey a relaxing and soothing respite from the stresses of daily living.

Most of the pools have facilities that can provide modern conveniences to the traveler, such as showers, restrooms and even food and drink kiosks, although there are some that are more rustic than others.

Visitors need only to follow the tantalizing aroma of tangerines and oranges to discover the area's many amazing fruit orchards. The sweet fragrances of ripening citrus and other tropical delicacies add an enormous interest and charm to the atmosphere of Salto.

Equally worth the trip are tours that will take you to the vineyards found in this city in Uruguay. There are more than enough different varieties of grapes to please the palate and personal preference of even the finest wine connoisseur.

The vast difference in night and day temperatures (90F/50F) is one of the reasons that these vineyards are becoming so famous. The climate is perfect for grape production. One of the top grapes grown for wine at the Bodega H Stagnari vineyards in Salto, Uruguay is the Tannat which produces an abundance of rich tannins.

Popular with the younger crowd is Salto's Calle Uruguay, a trendy street with bars, clubs and cafes.

This is where you will find many local residents during the evening hours as they come to their favorite setting to socialize, drink with friends, and just hang out.

If you want to find out which restaurant or sidewalk café is the best place to enjoy a drink with friends while taking in the sights, just ask a local!

With an abundance of scenic shores; fishing and hunting areas.; therapeutic hot springs; horse and cattle ranches; large vineyards; small towns rich in early architectural heritage; and an extensive, thriving metropolitan area, Salto, Uruguay is an ideal place to come for a taste of South American adventure.

Check out some of the fun filled activities that Salto Uruguay has to offer

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