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Uruguay Beaches


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Uruguay Beaches

Uruguay Beaches are world renowned and the Gems of South America!

This comes as a surprise to those who had assumed that only Brazil could boast of having world famous beaches decorating their shoreline. Cave exploration, whale watching adventures, wonderful restaurants and specatacular ocean scenery are all waiting for guests who travel to the coastal regions to explore Uruguay.

Indeed the beaches that are located alongside the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay extend for nearly 500 km. The Uruguay Beaches that kiss the waters of the Atlantic Ocean provide beach loving visitors with another 220 km of shoreline to enjoy and explore.

Uruguay Beaches are one of the major tourist attractions in this small South American Country. With an abundance of sandy shores from which to choose the most difficult task is trying to fit as many of them into your travel itinerary as possible.

Cabo Polonio Beaches

When you visit you will be able to explore La Calavera also known as The Skull as well as the South Beaches

Carmelo Uruguay

This city in Uruguay is where you can enjoy the sparkling sand and surf of Sere Beach

Chuy Uruguay

Bordering Brazil, this Uruguayan city attracts visitors to the sandy shores of Barra del Chuy Beach

La Paloma Beaches

These fabulous beaches are recognized as some of the finest in the country. These include Los Botes beach which is a favorite of fishermen and Solari beach is a favorite among people who love to surf in what is considered a surfer's paradise.

La Balconada beach is another of the La Paloma waterfront attractions which is frequented by older teens and young adults who enjoy the party friendly atmosphere, restaurants and nightclubs that are located in the area.

Families find that El Cabito beach is usually the La Paloma shoreline that they prefer because of the gentle waters, calmer winds and child friendly setting.

La Pedrera Uruguay

While you are exploring this interesting city of Uruguay be sure to discover El Desplayado Beach and El Barco Beach These beaches are also popular with tourists who want the chance to experience a visit to some pristine, natural surroundings.

Montevideo the Capital of Uruguay

Here you will also find some beautiful Uruguay Beaches including La Rambla Beach which found along the northern shoreline of the "Río de la Plata". The name translates into English as the "River of Silver" and for many people La Rambla is the "Beach of Gold".

If you like people you will have to check out the very crowded shores of Pocitos Beach. You will have fewer beachgoers thronging the shores at La Rambla but at Pocitos Beach there are always large numbers of people enjoying the brisk ocean breezes, wave tossed waters, and sandy shores. This is a place where volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, picnics and other sports competitions are always a part of the scenery.

The Beach of Piriapolis Uruguay

This is where elegance and sophisticated tastes are in evidence. Tourists often applaud this site and declare it one of the finest of all Uruguay beaches.

Punta del Diablo Uruguay

This sleepy little fishing town comes alive during summer months and offers amazing scenic views of the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Depended on by fishermen and loved by surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. You are sure to meet plenty of people from Uruguay as you explore this beach.

Punta del Este Uruguay

Punta del Este is a peninsula area where you have two separate coastlines known as the Brava and the Mansa. One group of beaches front the shores of the Rio de la Plata River and the other beaches are located on the opposite side of the peninsula and their shorelines are set against the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

These Punta del Este beaches include Beach of the Englishman, Brava Beach, Chiringo Beach, El Amir Beach, Chilean Beach, Manantiales Beach, Montoya, Solanas and Las Grutas Beach.

The two coasts are called Brava and Mansa. One is the end of the Rio de la Plata River where the other is the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Brava Beach is one of my favourite Uruguay beaches. You will find La Mano here. It offers thick sand and a dangerous sea which surfers flock to.
  • Beach of the Englishmen is a small beach, next to the port of Punta del Este. Offering soft, thin sand and rocks, it is consider dangerous to swim here and is not as windy as some others.
  • Chilean Beach where you have a wonderful view of Punta del Este, Gorriti Island. It is known for whale watching. At the lagoon you can windsurf and enjoy other water sports.
  • Chiringo Beach promises thick sand beaches and deep water. It is not possible to see the sunset from this beach.
  • El Emir Beach is a dangerous beach with deep water and rough waves. Not recommended to swimmers but is visited all year by hard core surfers.
  • Las Grutas Beach is the Most Popular Beach in Punta Del Este. Meaning water caves, this hidden beach lies between several water caves which are fun to explore. Popular with the rich and famous, seldom over crowded and offering favorable surf conditions, fantastic views and sunsets
  • Manantiales Beach is a sandy beach with deep waters and rough surf. This is where jet setters and the elite hang out.
  • Mansa Beach is a big bay of thick sand with quiet, calm water. There is a wooden bridge over this beach where people go to admire the breathtaking view of the bay and Gorriti Island. It is an ideal beach for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Montoya Beach is a well known beach. Favoured by championship surfers for its thick sand and Big Waves.
  • Solanas Beach has sand that is wet, hard and perfect for beach sports. Families love it because of the shallow calm waters.

Whether you want to just walk along an isolated stretch of shoreline and take some pictures or you want to party into the wee hours of the morning there is at least one Uruguay beach that will present you with the right opportunity and ocean adventures that you are looking for.

Enjoy some of these activities while
discovering Uruguay Beaches

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