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Manantiales Beach and Hostel


If you do not know about Manantiales Beach you are missing out on an opportunity to explore one of Uruguay's great coastal settings. This country contains a number of wonderful beaches and many of these are just now becoming more familiar to tourists who are choosing Uruguay as their vacation and holiday destination.

Punta del Este Uruguay is home to this Uruguay beach as well as Las Grutas, Solanas Beach and many other popular, public beaches that are proving to be irresistibly attractive to tourists from a number of foreign countries.

At one time most visitors to this Beach in Uruguay were from Brazil and Argentina but today you will find that guests from Canada, Africa, the US, Australia and Europe are all eager to share in a Uruguay beach vacation.

The modern day setting of Punta del Este both complements and enhances the features that make Manantiales Beach such a huge hit with tourists. Punta del Este is an upscale, and exciting, coastal resort community that is both chic and eclectic.

A trip to Manantiales Beach will allow you ample time to explore the Punta del Este region on your own. Most visitors who come to spend their vacations along one this peninsular coast will want to enjoy some of the adventures and activities that they can find in this large city. It is easy to discover a number of wonderful stores, outdoor cafes, and great restaurants.

While you visit Manantiales Beach you might want to schedule some day trips that will take you to places such as Gorlero Avenue. This is where you will find most of Punta del Este's major shops, art galleries and other big city tourist attractions.

You should also check out Artigas Square where shops and vendors sell many types of local, handcrafted items. You can explore the capital city of Maldonado which will help you learn more about the culture as you explore Uruguay.

The quieter, slower pace of Maldonado creates a striking contrast when you compare it to the hectic pace of Punta del Este.

You can even see the differences in these two cities by looking at the differences in the low, compact silhouette of Maldonado's buildings and then observing the towering structures that create the skyline for Punta del Este.

If you are surfing at Bikini Beach you will only be a short walk away from the Manantiales Hostel. This hostel provides clean, quiet rooms for tourists at very affordable rates, and the location of Manantiales hostel means that you are just minutes away from both the beach and La Barra Uruguay, where you will find exciting nightclubs and live music.

Manantiales Beach is a short drive away from Solanas Beach Uruguay

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