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Uruguay Facts


Uruguay Facts of Interest

Uruguay known as "Oriental Republic of Uruguay" or in Spanish "República Oriental del Uruguay"

Before we get started would you like to take a look at some pictures and information about the Flag of Uruguay

Uruguay has only one land border which is to the North connecting to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. To the west lies the Uruguay River, to the southwest Uruguay borders the estuary of Río de la Plata. Finally, to the southeast this beautiful country touches the South Atlantic Ocean.

Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. The only country smaller is Suriname.

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is home to 1.1 million of the Countries 3.3 million people.

Montevideo Uruguay is a quick 10 minute flight from Buenos Aires Argentina

Official language - Spanish

Facts about the Uruguay Economy:

  • GDP per capital - 60th at $11,969
  • Human Development Index - 46th at 0.852
  • Income Equality - 0.449 based on Gini Index
  • Literacy Rate - 51st - 97.7%
  • Unemployment Rate - 112th - 8.70%
  • Currency - Uruguayan peso

Political Facts

Uruguay Health Facts

  • Fertility rate - 140th most fertile, at 1.85 per woman
  • Birth rate - 157th most births, at 13.91 per 1000 people
  • Infant mortality - 128th most deaths, at 1 per 1000 live births
  • Death rate - 84th death rate at 9.16 per 1000 people
  • Life Expectancy - 47th at 76.4 years
  • Suicide Rate - 24th suicide rate per 100,000
    15.1 for males and 6.4 for females
  • HIV/AIDS Rate – 108th at 0.30%

Additional Facts about Uruguay

  • CO2 emissions – 125th highest emissions, at 1.65 tonnes per capita
  • Electrical Consumption – 88th highest consuming 7,762,000,000 kWh of electricity
  • Global Peace Index – 25th highest peace rating in 2009
  • Area - 90th Total 176,215 km2 / 68,037 sq mi
  • Water (%) 1.5%
  • Population - approx 3,361,000 (132nd)
  • Density - 196th 19.1/km2 / 49.4/sq mi
  • Vehicles drive on the right side of the road
  • Internet
  • Calling code +598

An estimated 88% of the people of Uruguay are of
European descent. Ethnic groups of the Uruguay people are as follows:

  • 88% European
  • 6% Mestizo
  • 4% West African
  • 2% Asian

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