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Rio de la Plata Uruguay


Rio de la Plata Uruguay is most commonly known as the stunning River of Silver. This is the area in the South American nation of Uruguay that is located where the Parana and Uruguay Rivers join together.

This estuary and river region has a triangular appearance, forms a major portion of the Argentine, Uruguay border, and extends for nearly 300 kilometers along the southeastern coast of South America.

Travelers will discover that the majority of the population centers for both Argentina and Uruguay are found along the coastal shores of the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay.

A number of major South American cities can be found in this coastal area. Both Buenos Aires and Uruguay's capital city of Montevideo are located on the sandy shorelines formed by the River of Silver.

Depending on which geographic study you are looking at this water body in Uruguay might be listed as a river gulf or either a small sea.

Rio de la Plata Uruguay

The Rio de la Plata is recognized as the widest river
that is found anywhere in the world

At the widest point it measures 220 kilometers and the river covers a surface area of nearly 35,000 square kilometers.

Not to be mistaken for the Rio Negro River, the wild and exotic terrain of the Río de la Plata Uruguay was first explored in the year 1516 by Europeans. Both Ferdinand Magellan from Portugal and the famous Spanish navigator Juan Diaz de Solis had expeditions that took them to the lands bordering the River of Silver.

It was the explorer Sebastian Cabot who is said to have been the reason for the name of this beautiful river. During his study of the Río de la Plata Uruguay in the late 1520s Cabot began trading with the Guarani people who lived near the town now known as Asuncion.

Many of the items for which Cabot bartered were made from silver. These many silver trinkets are the reason that the Plata became known as the River of Silver.

Río de la Plata Uruguay gives people the chance to discover the beauty of nature. This region is a habitat for many fish as well as other animals. The Leatherback Sea Turtle, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, the Green Sea Turtle and the endangered La Plata Dolphin are just a few examples of the magnificent marine life that visitors might view when they travel to this coastal setting.

No matter if you visit the north or south shorelines, you will find both excitement and adventures waiting for you.

River boat tours can give you a detailed look at the landscape or you can travel in Uruguay by scooter, bike or car to some of the less inhabited areas.

There are also resorts, campgrounds, parks, shops, restaurants and of course the beautiful Uruguay beaches for you to enjoy.

Here is a place where the past and present coexist harmoniously and you are free to explore all of the wonders that Rio de la Plata contains.

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