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Uruguays Solanas Beach Offers a
Tropical Paradise Vacation


The crystal clear ocean waters at Solanas Beach are only one of the inviting features that this Uruguay vacation destination has to offer. The shimmering sands along the shore sparkle like magical diamonds as they reflect the brilliance of the overhead sun.

The warm, sunny weather in Uruguay and mild Uruguay climate means that you can enjoy adventures on this Uruguay beach uruguay each day you are on vacation.

This beach in Uruguay has a distinctive landmark that many tourists like to visit. This a rocky outcropping where the shoreline ends along the edge of the water.

The name for this particular site is Punta Ballena and it offers spectacular, panoramic views of the Pan de Azucar hill and unbelievably dazzling sunsets.

Solana Vacation club Punta del Este is a high rise condo that is situated only a short distance from Solanas Beach and here you will find comfortable accommodations. for you and your family.

Even the walk from your room to the shoreline is enjoyable because the surroundings are so interesting and lovely to look at.

If you choose to stay at this facility during your Uruguay Beach vacation you will have a private deck that allows you to have a bird's eye view of the landscape around you.

There are even grills set along the property for you to use if you want to sample some barbequed meat or freshly grilled seafood without leaving the condo property.

All of the many beaches along this Uruguay peninsula have something special to offer and each one has a unique identity.

The history of Solanas Beach has included many changes during the recent years, particularly because of the resort development and new home building that is taking place close to these shores.

This was the first official tourist beach in Punta del Este Uruguay and during the 60s and early 70s the sands at this Uruguay beach were incredibly soft, layered with powdery golden white grains that were perfect for traveling along with your bare feet.

Today the environment has been changed and the shore consists of firmly packed, wet sands in most places. Still the attraction and allure of this beach has not diminished.

Now Solanas is the perfect site for many types of Uruguay sports including swimming, volleyball, soccer and the use of boogie boards.

The waters are calm and gentle and the shallow depth is attractive to families who want to find a safe place for their younger children to wade, play and build sand castles.

Solanas Beach Uruguay

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