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Top Uruguay Sports


Uruguay sports are an important part of everyday life for the people of Uruguay who live in the Gem of South America. Whether they are spending time at the beach or heading out onto the soccer field the basic idea is to have fun no matter how low key or highly competitive the activity may be.

Of course soccer a Major Uruguay sports and the entire country supports their national soccer team. The players become larger than life personalities both on and off the field. The Uruguay soccer team has won two world trophies in the past and this year in 2010 they became the dominant South American team.

During the semi-finals the Uruguay squad was the lone representative from South America as they battled against 3 other teams from Europe

Basketball is another of the sports that the people of Uruguay enjoy. This is an athletic game that has become popular in many of the Latin American countries and people enjoy watching the on court activities and they take great pride in cheering on their teams.

Another of the Uruguay sports that ranks high in popularity is rugby. The country has had a national team qualify for both the 1999 and 2003 Rugby World Cup events. This recent media coverage has created a major stir of interest among the local people of Uruguay. While this sport is still not as widely embraced as soccer you will find that rugby is now gaining new fans with each passing month.

In cities such as Maldonado and at the many Uruguay beaches it is obvious that swimming, sailing and surfing are key sporting events that attract large numbers of participants. These are Sports in Uruguay that also bring many tourists to the coastal cities in Uruguay. With a wide variety of seascapes to choose from it is quite easy to discover a place that is perfect for the water activities of your choice.

Surfers from around the world can find wind driven waves that will challenge even the most experienced surfing aficionados.

Deep sea fishermen often come to the Uruguay shores to test their skills.

Families can find quieter beaches with calm waters in which to swim and wade. Those who prefer sailing or kayaking are also able to choose a site which is well suited for their particular sports.

The top 3 Uruguay sports are soccer, basketball and rugby, but these are not the only choices available. Cycling, hiking, rock climbing, tennis and diving are additional sports that are gaining in popularity with many
people of Uruguay. Whether you want to participate in one of these sports or just watch from the sideline there is sure to be at least one event that captures your imagination and attention.

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