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Some of the most Interesting
Cities in Uruguay


Here are several of the cities in Uruguay that you have to visit as you explore Uruguay.

Mercedes you will have a unique opportunity to really live the adventure while they are enjoying a diverse and interesting getaway to a region that is still largely unspoiled by modern growth and development Montevideo Uruguay

  • Montevideo is the Capital City of Uruguay. It is the business and Banking Hub and seems rushed compared to other cities in Uruguay.
  • Pan de Azucar was originally estabished by Felix de Lizarza in 1874. The name is derived from a tall hill that towers over the local country side.
  • Paysandu If your idea of a wonderful vacation includes parties, good food and live music then Paysandu is a town that will live up to all of your expectations.
  • Piriapolis is one of the cities of Uruguay that you will want to visit over and over again. Piriapolis lies between Montevideo and Punta del Este. this resort town lies in a protected bay and was once considered the most sophisticated beach resort in South America.
  • Punta Ballena is the setting for Casapueblo which was the home of one of the most well loved and innovative Uruguayan artists. It was Carlos Paez Vilar who designed this unusual and fascinating sculptural residence.
  • Punta del Diablo Uruguay
  • Punta del Diablo is a small ocean village with plenty of hand made fishing boats. It is surrounded by beautiful large Atlantic beaches and rock formations.

Small orange boats unloads plenty of fresh seafood as well as sharks which seem to astonish visitors.

Seafood restaurants and the walk to Cerro de la Viuda are main attractions.

  • Punta del Este is the Tourist capital of Mercosur. Punta del Este is one of my personal favorite cities of Uruguay. This sophisticated city offers one of the most beautiful beach resorts on the entire continent as well as the most sophisticated hotels and restaurants. Guaranteed to meet the expectations of the most demanding visitors. You will also find unrivaled exclusive residential areas and unsurpassed glamor.
  • Rocha was founded in 1793 and to this day maintains the paved streets as evidence of its colonial history. It also displays a landmark that shows the borders between the old Portuguese and Spanish empires.
  • Salto Offers Amazing Hot Springs!
  • San Carlos Uruguay is named after Charles the third of Spain. It displays an aura of romantic elegance. Make sure to check out the St. Charles Borromeo Church as well as the Regional Caroline Museum. You can visit the local zoo which displays over 450 species of autochthonous and exotic animals
  • Santa Teresa Uruguay This National Partk contains the hilltop Fortaleza de Santa Teresa which was started by the Portuguese and completed by the Spaniards.
  • Treinta y tres City tour guides can escort you on an enjoyable learning experience where you are able to walk along the Olimar River banks and discovermany unusual shrubs, flowers and even view some of the smaller native wildlife species
  • Trinidad has a very large nature preserve that is located near the city's border. Here people can walk along paths where there are a number of native plant and animal species to view.
  • Valizas is where college kids, young adults, families and senior citizens can all feel a sense of family in a communal society that celebrates the spirit and adventure of life.

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