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Explore Valizas Uruguay


Valizas Uruguay is a beach community that is located a relatively short distance from Cabo Polonio. This is a highly prized place to relax and enjoy nature that is well known to local residents yet is only beginning to gain recognition from tourists.

There is a counter culture that exists in this little town and it consists of travelers who come to Valizas for a short visit and find that they discover a sense of belonging that makes them want to stay even longer than they had planned.

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Many of the casual visitors who make the trip to Valizas extend their original travel plans far beyond their expected date of departure. Other travelers, especially those from closer towns such as Buenos Aires, find that they want to return to these sandy shores year after year so that they can revel in the camaraderie, fun and excitement of summer life at the Valizas coastline.

This little town is the perfect setting for parties and picnics
or just a weekend of friendly fun and adventures.

The beaches in Uruguay are among the best in the world and there are so many shorelines to visit when you travel to Uruguay. These tourist attractions range from the sophisticated elegance of Punta del Este to the lightly populated sites such as Punta del Diablo and Valizas.

Perhaps it is the fact that Barra de Valizas allows you to experience so many natural wonders which has made this little village a more popular destination for adventurous travelers.

Candles are more common than electrical lights in both homes and businesses. This type of lighting also makes the few restaurants in this town seem like more of an adventure, as well as making the surroundings more inviting and intimate.

When you travel to Valizas Uruguay one of the first things you will notice is the casual climate. There are no sprawling, 5 star resorts and hotels here; in fact this is the perfect location for camping on the sandy shores while enjoying music, swimming and cooking burgers over a beachside fire.

Punta del Este is perhaps the most popular of all beach resorts in Uruguay, and while it is very much different from the town of Valizas Uruguay, there are also a number of similarities.

The best way to appreciate the magnificence of Valizas is by contrasting its stark, natural beauty with the modern surroundings you will see in Punta del Este.

In Barra de Valizas Uruguay the mood is friendly; the food is good and the camaraderie for travelers is outstanding. Even if you are traveling the country on a solitary journey you will discover that everyone is a welcome friend in the small town of Valizas.

This is a place where you are free to be yourself and individuality is the coin of the realm. Art, music and entertainment is abundant and enjoyed by all. Along the wide expanse of shoreline you will discover a number of people who are eager to share their sense of adventure, spontaneity as well as their own unique talents.

During the summer season the tourists outnumber the local residents by a wide margin and this is the time of year when you may really prefer to travel to Valizas.

Valizas is a small town that features winding dirt roads, sandy dunes and few modern conveniences. You can always find a beach shack to rent but you may have to compromise on the price as well as the comforts that are included. Still, these little huts are in high demand by the tourists who want to experience the off-beat culture found only at the Valizas beaches.

There is a bakery in Valizas Uruguay that is extremely popular with both residents and guests.

As the only bakery in this small town it is easy to find, but you will have to arrive early if you want to be the first customer of the day.

Lines are common at the Valizas bakery as people choose such homemade treats as fresh breads and torta y facture.

Some people equate the summer crowds at Valizas Uruguay to the early hippies that lived and thrived in San Franciso, California. The major difference is that these free-living individuals hail from all corners of the globe.

In Valizas, college kids, young adults, families and senior citizens can all feel a sense of family in a communal society that celebrates the spirit and adventure of life. If you are searching for a vacation destination that is truly exotic and unique this little Uruguay town can deliver exactly what you want.

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