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Explore Mercedes Uruguay


Mercedes Uruguay comes to mind when thinking about the perfect vacation and is often the destination force for many travelers who want to visit exotic and adventurous locations.

Another reason for planning trips is to embrace the culture of the people of Uruguay. For many other individuals a holiday becomes a chance to explore a new and wonderful locale before it becomes overrun with visitors and is transformed by modern changes.

This beautiful city in Uruguay is not as well known as the larger capital city of Maldonado. This means that visitors have a unique opportunity to really live the adventure while they are enjoying a diverse and interesting getaway to a region that is still largely unspoiled by modern growth and development. Mercedes Uruguay lies along the southern shores of the Rio Negro River.

This city is the capital of the Soriano Department and it is also the largest of all Soriano, Uruguay cities. Today tourists are finding that the beauty of this coastal city is reason enough to list it as a top vacation destination.

There are about 50,000 full time residents in Mercedes, Uruguay. This number rises dramatically during the peak tourist season. People come to visit Mercedes, Uruguay so they can experience the rich history and culture of the city.

The coastline is one of the best features in the region and the picturesque seaside street is known as "Rambla". This roadway is very wide and it provides a panoramic view of the shoreline.

The city of Mercedes, Uruguay was originally established in 1788. A priest named Manuel Antonio de Castro y Careaga christened the city Capilla Nueva de las Mercedes.

Villa Soriano was the original capital of Soriano province but in 1857 Mercedes was chosen to become the new capital city.

Agriculture pursuits and farming endeavors are major industrial activities in Mercedes. These have been present in the region since it was first settled.

Today you will also find that large dairies, paper manufacturing companies and other industries are also integral to the growth of the economy in Mercedes.

Many people enjoy being able to take a closer look at the way the real people of Uruguay live and work. Life is experienced at a pace much slower than that in the larger cities or Uruguay.

If you travel to Uruguay you can explore a number of working farms, observe the gauchos as they herd cattle across the rolling hills and discover many of the region’s old architectural landmarks that have been present for several centuries.

Anyone can plan a typical vacation but the site that is chosen can change a routine experience into a spectacular and unforgettable adventure. Mercedes, Uruguay is only one of the many memorable places that you can visit when you travel to Uruguay.

If you want to discover the real beauty of this South American country then you owe it to yourself to sample as many of these adventure filled destinations as possible.

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