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Soriano Uruguay


The Department of Soriano Uruguay has wonderful, historical significance to the people of Uruguay. Montevideo and Maldonado may be two of the better known Uruguay regions but Soriano has its own proud heritage and important landmarks to share with travelers from around the globe.

Department Of Soriano

Instead of just touring the major cities and beach resorts in Uruguay’s largest Department of Montevideo, there is much to explore and learn in some of the lesser known parts of this nation as well.

For many tourists the chance for new adventures and unique sightseeing opportunities are more than enough reason to set their compass in the direction of smaller Uruguay Departments such as Cerro Lago, Salto, Florida and Soriano Uruguay.

There are more than 80,000 people of Uruguay reside in the Department of Soriano today. The population is expected to increase substantially in the next 2-3 decades. The major thrust of the Soriano Uruguay economy is farming, ranching and other agricultural endeavors.

This is an ideal destination to visit if you want first hand knowledge about Uruguay beef, the Uruguay gaucho culture or even wish to learn more about the variety of wools that are produced at many local sheep farms.

A short stay in the Department of Soriano will allow you the time to visit some of the region’s beloved historic landmarks. There are a number of old buildings that have been carefully preserved which gives you the opportunity to explore the architecture and culture that helped define the Soriano communities.

The capital city of the Soriano Department is Mercedes Uruguay, and this is the town in which the majority of the population presently resides. You can stroll the streets of the city and soak in the Uruguay culture and charm of a town that seems to effortlessly combine the past and present.

In addition to the capital city other large cities in this Uruguay province include the towns of Chacras de Dolores, Jose Enrique Rodo, Villa Soriano, Dolores, Cardona, and Palmitas.

One of the most important sites in the Department of Soriano is Agraciada Beach. This is where the 33 Orientals first came to shore.

This is a true a much beloved story that chronicles the beginning of the Uruguay fight for Uruguay Independence.

The Soriano Department is also the region that is famous for being the birthplace of one of Uruguay’s presidents.

Juan Idiarte Borda was the nation’s president (1894-1897) and Sorriano residents still honor his legacy to this very day. Another local Sorriano citizen, Tomas Gomensoro Albin served as interim President for a short term (1872-1873).

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