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Department of
Cerro Largo Uruguay


Cerro Largo Uruguay is one of 19 Departments in this beautiful South American Country. It has long enjoyed a thriving economy that is largely based on agriculture. Forests and waves of green, rolling hills are in evidence throughout this Uruguayan province.

In fact it is the presence of cuchillas or wavy lands that is one of the
most unusual geographical features associated with Cerro Largo.

Cattle ranches are widely respected as being a major industry for those who live in the Department of Cerro Largo Uruguay. Both beef and dairy products play major roles in the local economy. Grains and vegetables are also grown in the fertile soil of the wonder filled Department.

Department Of Cerro Largo

The Yaguaron River stretches deep into the Department of Cerro Largo Uruguay. Here you are able to view the rainforest environment and discover some of the secrets contained in the deep Cerro Largo forests.

Some wildlife species that were once thought extinct have even been found living quietly in the region protected by the Yaguaron. There are even some extreme rapids in the river that some people challenge in kayaks and rafts.

The capital city of Melo is also centrally located within this Uruguayan department. Melo Uruguay dates back to 1795 when a large wooden fort was first constructed by Captain Agustin de la Rosa to defend against the Portuguese armies.

Soon the fort began to encompass a settlement and the town slowly began to expand. Today the city of Melo is viewed as a central hub for the department of Cerro Largo Uruguay and it is equally important as an administrative hub and travel route for the entire Uruguayan nation.

Officials for Cerro Largo Uruguay have managed to keep much of the region’s history alive by collecting photographs, paintings and important government documents pertaining to this area over the years.

Even weaponry, farming equipment and articles of clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries have been collected and stored in museums.

In addition many of the original buildings have been maintained or restored and all of these treasures are on display so that the people of Uruguay and curious tourists can be educated about the Department of Cerro Largo’s past and present.

The the heart and history of the region are both located in the capital city of Melo Cerro Largo Uruguay. This is the site of the Plaza Constitucion which has just recently been updated and remodeled.

There are monuments, wide walkways and gardens for guests to enjoy
as they learn about the rich history of both Uruguay and Cerro Largo.

A visitor to the Department of Cerro Largo will surely want to tour some of the landmark attractions found in the capital city of Melo. The Church Cathedral can trace its history back to the 18th century; and this religious setting has even been the site of a papal visit in the past.

Some of the other interesting tourist attractions that should not be missed when you visit Uruguay include:

  • Plaza Independencia
  • Theater Spain
  • Square of the Rose and
  • the historical monument dedicated to the famous General Jose Artigas

A popular social environment is found in Melo at the Club Centro Uruguay, El Uruguayo. This club was first established in the early 1920s and supports the social, cultural and musical traditions that are so important to the people of Uruguay who live in the Department of Cerro Largo.

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