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Trinidad Uruguay


Uruguay is a country of mystery, wonder and incredible adventures. There are many cities that you can visit during your Uruguay travels including Montevideo and Trinidad. Yes, there is a town in Uruguay that shares the same name of the famous Caribbean island. This is one of the cities in Uruguay where tourists can enjoy a low key vacation without stress and worries.

The climate is mild and the weather is generally very inviting in this city, no matter what time of year you may choose to visit. With a river and nearby forests to explore, as well as some unique shopping and dining opportunities this South American destination is worth including on your itinerary.

Trinidad Uruguay is the capital city of the Flores department. This province is located in the southern region of the country and is very near a Yi River tributary. The people of Uruguay and visitors both enjoy being able to discover the natural beauty along the shores of the Porongos River.

There are about 23,000 people living in the city of Trinidad Uruguay. Even though the population is smaller than in many other Cities of Uruguay, Trinidad remains the largest of all cities in the Flores department. The nation's Colorado political party was established in Trinidad just a few years ago and now there are chapters of this organization that can be found in a number of Uruguay departments.

There are more than 5,000 square kilometers contained in the city of Trinidad Uruguay. This capital city is also 134 meters above sea level.

Jose Gervasio Artigas is a hero to the People of Uruguay because he was one of the leading fighters for the country's independence. This famous general is held in even higher esteem by the residents of Trinidad because Artigas was responsible for founding this city in 1805.

The original name of Trinidad was Santisima Trinidad de los Porongos.

This name translates to Most Holy Trinity of Porongos.

The word Trinity in Spanish is Trinidad and the choice of the city's name is indicative of the strong influence of religion in the South American region during the 1800s. People who inhabit this Uruguay city are referred to as porongueros or trinitarios.

Trinidad has a very large nature preserve that is located near the city's border. Here people can walk and explore paths where there are a number of native plant and animal species to view.

This protected nature reserve is one of the main tourist attractions in the region.

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