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San Carlos Uruguay


The city of San Carlos Uruguay was established in the 18th century by Pedro Antonio de Cevallos. Governor Cevallos named the town in honor of Carlos III who was the King of Spain at the time.

The purpose of founding San Carlos was an effort by
the Spanish government to keep Portuguese colonies
from gaining a foothold in the same area.

San Carlos Uruguay is located in the Department of Montevideo where it enjoys a wonderful reputation for its wide variety of agricultural products. This historical city in Uruguay is second in size only to the larger city of Montevideo Uruguay.

At one time Uruguay was visited mostly by tourists who hailed from the neighboring countries of Chile, Brazil or Argentina. On occasion there would be a few travelers from far away countries who would come to enjoy the Uruguay beaches or explore Uruguayan culture, but by and large the region was not on the itinerary of most tourists.

Over the years tourism built up gradually, and much of this was by word of mouth. Guests who came to visit larger towns such as Montevideo would discover that other cities such as Chuy Uruguay and San Carlos Uruguay were equally unique with activities and attractions of their own to offer.

While Uruguay Tourism is certainly on the rise there are still many places in Uruguay for people to visit where there are no large crowds.

Punta del Este is now a major draw for tourism and the surrounding region has been transformed to handle the influx of tourists who come to enjoy the Uruguay beaches, restaurants and shops.

The Capital City of Montevideo Uruguay and Colonia del Sacramento have also become places where many visitors can be seen exploring almost any time of the year.

There are still other areas such as San Carlos and Punta del Diablo that are changing a bit more slowly.

These destinations are quietly charming and they feature their own specific attractions that are often a bit quieter and less flamboyant than the cities of Uruguay that have large resorts and dozens of stores and restaurants for you to explore.

The summer months are always the peak tourist season for resorts such as Punta del Este .

San Carlos Uruguay is located close to the coastal region as well and the amount of tourists who travel to the city's streets are higher during the summer, but many people are now finding out that those fall and winter months can make an adventurous trip to this Uruguayan city even more fascinating.

During these months of the year there are fewer tourists to contend with and this means you can take the time to really discover and absorb the culture and atmosphere and History of Uruguay at your own pace.

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