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Discover Chilean Beach in
Punta del Este Uruguay


Chilean Beach Charms and Amazes Punta del Este Visitors

Where can you find sparkling shorelines with white and gold sands; refreshing clear ocean waters, cloudless skies and beautiful sun filled days?

If you visit Punta del Este you can find all this and more at the region's many beaches. This beach as well as Brava Beach and Solanas Beach are only 3 of the many coastal settings that are ready to welcome you to a world filled with natural beauty and exciting adventures.

All of these Uruguay beach locations are open to the public and these are some of the Major Tourist Attractions for this small nation. The waters are crystal clear and you can watch the glittering reflection of the sun as it dances along the surface. Whatever types of water sports and activities you are interested in can be enjoyed at many of the Uruguay beaches you will discover.

This spectacular beach in Punta del Este Uruguay is perfect for high action sports such as windsurfing. You will also notice that many fishermen flock to the area because they know that this is where large numbers of fish can be reeled in each day.

The coastline here is very rocky in places, which creates some large waves that can be exciting to watch or challenge while you are surfing in Uruguay. The sand along the Beach shore is thick and extraordinarily deep which gives you some real exercise as you walk along the shore.

When you visit this beach in Uruguay be sure and bring your cameras because the views are magnificent. You can enjoy looking out over the water and seeing Sauce Lagoon or Gorriti Island, and you are even presented with a spectacular view of Punta del Este.

The people of Uruguay and tourists alike, come to the shores of Chilean Beach for whale watching. There are some ideal sites along this coast that provide you with the best chance of seeing these wonderful ocean dwelling mammals as they cruise through the waters of the Atlantic Ocean during the months of October and November.

This is an extraordinary chance to see these giant creatures in the wild and there are many people who will be out on the cliffs and shore early each morning, scanning the horizon hoping to catch just a glimpse of these amazing animals.

The water off the shore of Punta del Este's Chilean Beach is extremely deep and the sandy floor has a steep drop off that still surprise some unsuspecting individuals that are not be prepared for the sudden depth of the ocean so close to shore.

If you follow the Mansa coastline up from the Chilean Beach to the Punta del Este port you will notice that the water depth becomes more shallow the further away you move from this beach, and the ocean floor is flatter with a softer feel to bare feet.

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