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Explore Isla Gorriti
in Beautiful Uruguay


If you are traveling through Uruguay, be sure to place Isla Gorriti on your list of sites to explore. It is located only 2 kilometers from the lovely Punta del Este and is also near Playa Mansa.

This is the perfect playground for those looking to dive into the sparkling waters of a charming beach and it will also attract those who wish to learn about the historical and archeological aspects of Uruguay.

The island was first called Las Palmas because of the abundance of palm trees on the island, but most of those trees have since burnt away due to the large fires that unfortunately took place. Now, scented pines, eucalyptus and Tamarix trees make up the landscape and this vast amount of vegetation actually protects its inhabitants from potentially devastating hurricane-strength winds.

This beautiful Island in Uruguay boasts quite an interesting history. You might be surprised to learn that Magellen, Juan Diaz Solis, and Francis Drake all set foot on this land during early 1600 and 1700s explorations. In 1607, Corsair David came through the area, and he left behind many stone deposits to be found and analyzed later.

The island's current name is, like many other names of countries and cities, derived from one of its earliest founders, the Governor Gorriti Francisco who was in charge in the mid-1700s and allowed controversial whaling practices at one time.

Later on, in the early-1800s, the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin passed through on a scientific mission, leaving his mark for decades to come. However, in the late 1800s, Gorriti Island Gorriti lost some of its cachet.

First, it became a large scale hospital, so the inhabitants were all quarantined because they were sickly due to the European cholera crisis and previous to that it housed a giant cemetary. However, today the people of Uruguay who live here and tourists alike all agree that Isla Gorriti is a marvelous place.

On an average day, this area might welcome over five hundred visitors seeking a sunny place to vacation. Many of them stay in the island's well-equipped inns, and many seek out the Puerto Garden. This is one of the top tourist attractions boasting glowing white sand and pristine waters with views of jutting rocks and sediment. Adjacent to this remarkable gardens are remnants of colonial flagstones inscribed with curious sayings.

If all of this is not enough, while you are exploring Uruguay you can also enjoy other Uruguay activities including yachting and go along on guided fishing trips.

As well, you can also relax by playing golf on one of the many golf courses or take a few fun risks by playing games at the casinos like the Conrad Hotel and Casino.

For an absolutely unique and rewarding trip of a lifetime, any history or nature buff will not be disappointed after visiting Isla Gorriti.

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