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La Rambla Beach Uruguay


La Rambla Beach Uruguay is found along the northern shoreline of the "Río de la Plata". The name translates into English as the "River of Silver" and for many people La Rambla is the "Beach of Gold".

The name La Rambla comes from the name of the broad street that stretches along the river. La Rambla means the Promenade and quite naturally this descriptive name now includes the beach as well as the main street. If you ask any Montevideo resident to tell you their favorite beach almost all of them will name this beach.

This convenient location for La Rambla Beach Uruguay provides both people of Uruguay and tourists of Montevideo with easy access to a scenic setting that can be enjoyed any hour of the day or night. While many visitors will travel to the shores of La Rambla for swimming or sunbathing there are also many people who will come to this site just to eat lunch, picnic, play volleyball or read.

La Rambla beach Uruguay is a natural attraction suited to almost any type of activity. There are trees and grassy areas where visitors can enjoy the scenery, listen to the rhythmic pulse of the city and relax. You will also discover that the shoreline accommodates numerous other pursuits from fishing and sailing to swimming and volleyball.

The backdrop of the Rio de la Plata provides a tranquil beauty that offers a wonderful respite from the hectic pace of daily work. It is little wonder that La Rambla Beach has become a favored destination for so many people. Here is a place where you can unwind from the stress and strain of your normal day and allow the placid waters to calm and relax your mind.

The shoreline of La Rambla Beach is sandy and inviting in most areas, but there are some rocky expanses as well. The rocky outcroppings are a challenge to some hikers and outdoor enthusiasts and are a favorite site for fishermen. It is a well known fact that fishing is a popular and rewarding sport along the Montevideo coastline.

There are many boats and marinas that line the shores of La Rambla Beach. You will have the opportunity to see small fishing boats anchored along the piers as well as a number of more exotic craft such as big catamarans and large yachts.

La Rambla Beach is a place where you can enjoy the water and never be far away from land based activities. Near the sandy shores of La Rambla are many restaurants, two museums, a golf course and hundreds of different shops.

Tourists can easily while away their morning swimming at the beach and then spend their afternoon enjoying dinner, shopping and dancing.

There are a number of hotels and apartments that feature both waterfront accommodations and easy access to the myriad of sights and sounds that are found in Uruguay's capital city.

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