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Playa Solari beach Uruguay


Playa Solari Beach Uruguay is the top beach that attracts a great many surfers and sailing enthusiasts to Uruguay.

Other beaches that are located near La Paloma beach include:

  • La Aguada beach
  • Corumba
  • Los Botes beach
  • La Piedra de Zanja Honda

The Playa Solari Beach Uruguay is long and inviting. The waves crash and break loudly as they surge against the many underwater reefs that are present.

The western edge of Santa Maria Cape, or Cabo Santa Maria, is where you will need to come when you want to discover the wonderful excitement and adventures that await visitors at Playa Solari Beach Uruguay. As the waves push from the southern direction the strong, gusty winds are blowing in from the north and this helps create ideal beach conditions.

The months between October and May are when the tallest and best waves are hitting the shores at Solari Beach. Some people have even declared that La Paloma Uruguay should be known as the surfing hub for all of Uruguay. There are many instructors and schools that can be found in this area that are devoted to teaching the art of surfing, and surfers from around the world come to the Playa Solari Beach Uruguay to test their skills and courage.

Families and young adults flock to Solari Beach because of the weather, local attractions and variety of activities that are available. Of course surfing is the major draw, but fishing, swimming and sailing are other popular sports.

For people who prefer to stay on land there are many Uruguay attractions to visit including shops, parks and historical landmarks.

The reefs near Solari Beach are always a source of adventure for many tourists as well as the peopel of Uruguay. Some daring individuals go out in the water for a closer look at these natural formations while others are content to study them from a safe distance along the shoreline.

One of the most famous of all these rocky reefs is the one that is named Corumba. The name was given to honor a Spanish galleon that was shipwrecked in this location during the early 1700s, and amazingly you can see some structural remnants of this ship that are still present.

There are a number of excellent hotels in the La Paloma region including The Bahia, The Anaconda, the Porto Bello and The Parque. All of these properties feature clean rooms, friendly service and they are all convenient to the beaches including Los Botes beach and Playa Solari beach.

If you want to stay at one of the private camp sites you can reserve one of the Uncle Con Cottages. You can enjoy your stay here under a thatched straw roof just a short distance from Playa Solari Beach.

While at Uncle Con Cottages guests can relax in the swimming pool and enjoy cooking fresh seafood on the outdoor grills.

El Navio is another private tourist complex with full lodging accommodations and modern amenities and it is located less than 400 meters from the shores of Solari Beach.

For guests who want to enjoy a meal and drinks in between surfing, swimming or long walks along the sandy shores of Playa Solari Beach there are some wonderful restaurants and cafes.

The Bahia Grande, Los Mariscos and the Amarras are just a few of the choices available to hungry travelers wishing to sample some of the country's delectable foods.

While visiting the beaches in the La Paloma region you can even visit one of the largest reserves for marine wolves.

The movable dunes are another natural wonder that you can explore during your trip to beautiful Solari Beach. These enormous sandy dunes are in motion due to the winds from the ocean and the wide, open landscape. To your eyes it will seem as though these towers of sand are alive and gifted with the power of independent movement. These shifting dunes are one of the most impressive sights in all of South America.

Enjoying the sun and surf on this exquisite Uruguay beach has left me relaxed but tired and hungry!

I think its time to grab our beach bags and go find a hotel, close to Playa Solari Beach Uruguay

Playa Solari Beach Uruguay

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