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Lets Visit Sere Beach
Carmelo Uruguay


Sere Beach is a picturesque expanse of sandy shoreline located along the coast of Carmelo Uruguay. This waterfront setting and nearby swinging bridge attract thousands of tourists and it is an idyllic place to come and enjoy the sea, sand and maybe even try your hand at surfing in Uruguay. Swimming, sailing, hiking and other sports all await visitors to this sunny, seaside paradise.

There are a variety of restaurants, cafes and casual dining sites to enjoy when you come to experience Sere Beach in Carmelo. You can enjoy food and drink at:

  • La Casona
  • Jhony L Ruta
  • Club Union
  • La Marina
  • Simbad
  • Nuevo Refugio and
  • Parillada

Whether you just want some quick, tasty sandwiches and cold drinks for a picnic lunch or want to relax and enjoy a fine steak and Uruguay wine there are a number of dining establishments from which you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Carmelo Uruguay was officially founded in 1816 but there were small groups of settlers in the area near Las Viboras Creek as early as the 1750s. Today many of the tourists who come to enjoy Sere Beach are also able to time their vacation so they can be part of the festive celebrations that occur on July 16th each year to honor the Patron Saint of Carmelo, Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

It has been said that the Rio de la Plata is a river which embodies the color of a lion. The tawny shades of blonde, white and gold can easily be seen by visitors who come to explore the shores of this beach in Carmelo, Uruguay.

The shimmering, irridescent hues of the sands are a perfect foil for the swirling colors of blue, green and gold that are reflected along the surface of the Rio de la Plata.

Sere Beach can even boast of small islands that can be seen from the shoreline. These small land masses are accessible by boat and are a frequent day trip destination of many tourists. There is also a large wildlife preserve near Carmelo that presents travelers with a unique opportunity to see some rare and interesting animals living in their natural habitat.

Tourists who travel to Carmelo have the chance to explore a range of sports and sightseeing activities.

They can visit the shores of this majestic beach, walk along the tranquil banks of the Rio de la Plata and camp near the wide mouth of the peaceful Las Vacas Stream.

Fishing is one of the major attractions for many who come to experience the wonders in Carmelo Uruguay and both bogas and pejerreyes are found in these waters.

If you have been searching for a unique and adventurous vacation then perhaps a trip to this beautiful beach in Uruguay should be on your next travel itinerary.

Now that you know about Sere Beach
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Sere Beach in Carmelo Uruguay

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