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El Desplayado Beach in
Scenic La Pedrera Uruguay


El Desplayado Beach is a La Pedrera beachfront setting that has become quite popular among tourists exploring Uruguay as well as the people of Uruguay. The resort community of La Pedrera Uruguay is a smaller and very exclusive setting that is very different from the beaches that are found around Uruguay's capital city of Montevideo.

People exploring La Pedrera will be in awe of the high cliff that overlooks this beautiful beach in Uruguay. It is atop this cliff where you will find some of the restaurants and hotels in Uruguay that will provide you with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you have begun your vacation in Montevideo Uruguay, it will take most of the day to drive to La Pedrera . This is due to the fact that this exclusive little resort is located nearly 250 km. distant from Uruguay's capital.

Although El Desplayado Beach and La Pedrera are now catering to high numbers of tourists there is still a relaxed and welcoming environment that will be experienced from the moment you arrive. The pace of life is casual and there is no timetable that has to be observed. Meals are served at almost any hour of the day and night and there are many exciting adventures waiting to be discovered.

Some people come to La Pedrera and spend the days on their hotel balcony or at the cliffs that overlook the ocean. These panoramic views are some of the finest in all of Uruguay and photography buffs take advantage of the opportunity to take pictures of a number of spectacular landscape scenes.

Swimming, fishing and other water sports can be enjoyed at El Desplayado Beach. Surfing is one of the ongoing recreational activities that both local residents and vacationing guests find exciting. Whether you want to participate in the adrenalin rush of surfing in Uruguay atop powerful waves, or limit yourself to the spectator ranks you will still experience a thrilling day at El Desplayado Beach.

Whale watching enthusiasts can come to this Beach in Uruguay during the months between July and October. This is the time when the annual migration of these enormous ocean dwelling creatures can be viewed from the cliffs.

La Pedrera is a study in contrasts and there are activities and attractions that can suit everyone.

You will discover modern nightclubs where dancing and music occurs until the wee hours of the morning. There are also many quiet little cafes where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and freshly baked bread at almost any hour of the day or night.

Visitors who want to spend the day sunning themselves along the shores of this remarkable Beach can find ample space to stretch out with a book and a picnic lunch but for those who thrive on excitement there are always the crashing waves of the Atlantic surf to entice them into the salty waters. At La Pedrera Uruguay the choice of daily adventures is always in your hands.

El Desplayado Beach is only one of
Many remarkable Uruguay Beaches

El Desplayado Beach Uruguay

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