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Mansa Beach a Magnificent Uruguay Treasure


Uruguay's Mansa Beach extends along the peninsular coast from Punta del Este's port to lovely Chilean beach. This is one of the many public beaches that you will find when you visit Punta del Este, and it is a great favorite because of the beautiful setting and the wide variety of outdoor activities that it provides.

La Mansa Beach and La Brava Beach are two distinctly different coastal experiences for tourists who come to enjoy the beauty and adventure at the magnificent seaside resort city of Punta del Este Uruguay. These two beaches share many elements in common, but they also present contrasting adventures when it comes to the waves and water.

At La Brava Beach there is little protection from the winds being driven from the ocean which means that the breaking waves rush to shore fast and furiously. The ocean surge results in high, powerful waves that lure surfers to these shores.

The setting of this beach is much calmer and relaxing than La Brava Beach. This well protected beach in Uruguay presents visitors with tranquil waters well suited for swimmers, and yet a bit further out from shore there are still ocean breezes strong enough to please those who want to try windsurfing or sailing.

The bay of this Uruguay beach is very large but the waters are almost always calm and inviting. The sandy beach is thickly layered with sand. It is one of the places where you can come to experience the joys of nature throughout the year.

The coastal waters that lie along the shore nearest the border of Chilean Beach are extremely deep because there are sharp drop offs of the ocean floor that occur in this area. As you follow this Beach in Uruguay upwards toward the port of Punta del Este you will notice that the ocean floor becomes progressively shallower.

Sport fishermen are common along the shores of Beach in Uruguay.

The fishing is good in this area, particularly if you are trying to land a kingfish. There are boats offshore that many fishermen will use

La Mansa Beach is just a 15 minute drive from Uruguay's international airport and there are many hotels and private rental units that you can choose from for your lodging and accommodations in Uruguay.

If you prefer the glitz and glamour of an upscale Las Vegas vacation experience you may want to choose the Conrad Punta del Este Resort and Casino.

Mansa beach is just one of many beaches
that you can Explore in Uruguay

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