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Experience the Adventures at
La Calavera Beach Cabo Polonio


La Calavera Beach in Cabo Polonio is a perfect vacation or recreational site for sports minded individuals, curious tourists and families or teens to enjoy. You need to understand that this beach is far from a typical vacation site and is definitely for those with a sense of adventure.

When you reach Cabo PolonioUruguay you will be far out on a peninsular tip that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. This is a rugged landscape but that is part of the amazing appeal of this Cabo Polonio Beach.

Pack away those laptops and cell phones because you will be traveling to a place where there is no electricity. There are no fast food restaurants or luxury condos to be seen along the shoreline of La Calavera Beach Uruguay.

You can travel to areas of Cabo Polonio by foot, but most people hire a 4 wheel drive vehicle or one of the monster sized 4x4 trucks that are available. These are the only types of transportation that can tackle the large, shifting sand dunes that are an important part of the La Calavera landscape.

When you explore the shoreline you will notice that along most of the peninsula edges the rough waves of the Atlantic batter the coastline with relentless passion. However there is one quiet coastal area that is more protected from the power of the ocean. In the cove there are gentle waters and calm waves that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

From the shores of this Uruguay Beach you can peer out at the horizon and see some tiny islands rising from the Atlantic. These rocky outcroppings are small with no inhabitants but a few daring souls do travel out to explore the surface area from time to time.

Fewer than 100 people call Cabo Polonio their home, which means that you will never be bothered by large crowds when you visit La Calavera.

There are many sea lions who will share the pristine beach with you however and these graceful ocean swimmers are a major tourist attraction for this remote frontier.

You will discover that January is one of the busiest seasons for the residents of Cabo Polonio.

This is when a number of travelers come to explore La Calavera Beach. Many of the tourists will stay at the Hosteria La Perla which is located only a few yards from the ocean. A guide will be able to show you the best sightseeing destinations as you explore Uruguay. You can spend the day walking along the shores of the beach, view the sea lion colonies sunning on the rocks, or seek out the mysterious Ombu trees.

There are plenty of Activities
at La Calavera Beach

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