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Eco Tourism Cerro Verde

by Laguna Garzon

Cerro Verde Uruguay

Cerro Verde Uruguay

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of returning to one of the most beautiful places that have the Rocha coast. As magnificent as unknown. Cerro Verde Uruguay. This is why we share this with you, our walk. Always with a look of conservation and respect for nature - highly recommended!

Picture 2
Las Piedritas or The Pebbles is 3 km from the Crown. Rocky point back to the ocean is ideal for fishing. The fishing shelter built there as well as the pier, date back to 1950.

Picture 3
Viewpoints at the top of Cerro allow observation of the two islands located in front of Isla Verde and Isla de la Coronilla. There have been identified colonies of sea lions and, occasionally, copies of elephant seals.

In addition, Green Island is the only breeding site in Uruguay of a mixed colony of Yellow-billed terns, Real and South America.

In the marine area highlights the presence of cetaceans such as dolphin, french dolphins and southern whales. This area is also a feeding ground and refuge for the green turtle and several species of cartilaginous fish such as gatuso, the Sardinian and the hammer.

Picture 4
On the other hand presents important values ​​paleontological, archaeological and historical as there are fossil outcrops, archaeological sites and shipwrecks

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