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Cheap Uruguay Food
for Any size Budget


Are you looking for some Cheap Uruguay Food?

If you are on a budget while you Travel in Uruguay, the cost of food can be a major concern.

Budget dining is eating what the locals eat!

Inexpensive Food for any sized budget can be found by simply knowing where to shop. Here are a few simple solutions that I used to buy cheap Uruguay food while enjoying, healthy and very tasty food in Uruguay.

Visit a local Bakery

Uruguay culture

I love the bakeries in Uruguay. This bakery was a favourite of mine when I was staying in Maldonado

If you visit there, you have to check out the Croissants. They literally melt in your mouth. On a typical morning in Uruguay, I would get up, shower and then walk over to the Breakfast Buffet in my hotel. After breakfast, I would stroll down to the local bakery and buy some food to take along on my daily adventures.

I would usually buy a fresh croissant with cheese and ham for about $1.00 USD and 2.25L of bottled water for $.80 USD and one or two Alfajores for under $1.00 USD.

The total cost was never over $5.00 USD. By my standards thats a quality meal for the frugal minded. Where else can you buy cheap Uruguay food and eat a good amount of nutritious food through the course of a day for under $5.00.

Buy Cheap Uruguay food at a Super Mercado

people of Uruguay

The second suggestion I would give you to keep your food budget low and get the most for your buck is to shop for food at the Super Markets in Uruguay.

pictures of Uruguay groceries

SuperMercado's have a Huge selection on cooked food, that is both nutritious and delicious. Everything from pre made sandwiches to Chicken dinners and Pasta Meals.

The food you see in this picture consists of a loaf of French bread, bottled water, hot chicken with potatoes, a decent sized piece of a lasagna as well as some crystal light. That is a fair amount of groceries and food again for under $5.00USD

Special Note:If you are travelling around Uruguay at night and see large signs that say DISCO you might want to take a second look. As I found out, Disco is actually the name of a large Supermarket company. You won't be able to dance there, but you will be able to buy some great food to sustain you while you explore Uruguay.

Massive Hotdogs are a Cheap Uruguay Food!

Uruguay Food

Hot Dogs in Uruguay should have a page all to itself! A typical Hotdog in Uruguay would be a full meal for the average North American. Just take a look at the this hotdog picture which is covered with so much cheese, you won't believe it.

Thats right! A large hotdog, completely covered with melted Mozarella cheese. I had never seen or eaten anything like this before.

If you are on a budget when you are exploring Uruguay be sure to check out the Hotdog stands! Hotdog Stands are something you will see in all the cities of Uruguay.

Hotdogs offer toppings not only of cheese but some interesting toping ideas not common in North America.

Typical toppings offered include fried onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and even corn.

The total cost for one of these monsters was only 10 Pesos, or approx 45 cents at the time I wrote this.

The one in the picture with melted cheese and extra big worked out to about $1.10 USD. Trust me you won’t want to eat 2 in one sitting.Lastly as talked about on our Main URUGUAY FOOD page, typical breakfasts in hotels are nutritious, delicioius and all you can eat.

Filled with pastries, croissants, yogurts, cereals, cold cuts and cheeses. Make sure you fill up if your hotel offers the complimentary breakfast. Its filling, loaded with nutrition and satisfies any hungry persons palette.

Another way to get Cheap Uruguay food is to prepare one of these recipe's

Do you know how to save money on food
While you Explore Uruguay?

Do you have a some helpful suggestions or ideas on how to save money on food, while travelling on a tight Food Budget in Uruguay?

Send me an email because I would love to Share your helpful tips with our readers!

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