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Alfajores Pictures in Uruguay


I took a bunch of Alfajores pictures while travelling Uruguay. I spent quite a bit of time in Maldonado Uruguay which is a short drive from Punta del Este. This picture of alfajores was taken outside a cute little bakery near the San Fernando Square. Although there were several bakeries that I liked, this one seemed to always have colorful and tasty looking baked goods, and I enjoyed visiting it daily to indulge my sweet tooth

Alfajores, Uruguay

This one was delicious. It had a delicious strawberry filing on the top and the chocolate really added a nice flavor. This picture was taken on 21 de Septiembre street in the district of Pocitos, Montevideo. We had stopped for a coffee around mid day and after looking through the window of the bakery, decided it was the perfect place to stop and enjoy coffee and sweets while sitting outside and watching the people walk by.

This next picture of an alfajores was an after thought. I had already taken a bite of this tasty snack, and once I realized how good it was, I decided to take the picture. I think it turned out pretty good and have used it several times in articles and publications through social media.

Alfajores, Uruguay

I would usually have a chivito for lunch. Other times I would try different Uruguay foods including Milanese or a very tasty Asado.

No matter what I ate for lunch or dinner, or which cities in Uruguay I was visiting, I always looked forward to buying one or two alfajores. It was a great break to enjoy one of these tasty Uruguay pastries while enjoying a strong cup of Uruguay coffee or sipping on the tasty national drink called Yerba Mate.

The restaurant has a good menu that includes various types of Milanesa and Empanadas including Quesos, Carnes, Verduras Dulces and Del Mar. If you want to know more about them you definately have to go to this restaurant, look over their menu and meet some interesting people of Uruguay

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