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Discover the Department
of Tacuarembo Uruguay


The Department of Tacuarembo Uruguay is one of the interior regions in the most beautiful South American country. Although Montevideo and Maldonado may be areas that are more populated and more well known than the department of Tacuarembó it is this region that is recognized as the largest of all Uruguayan departments.

If you enjoy traveling off the beaten paths and forging your own adventures then this Uruguayan department is one that you should consider visiting.

Department Of Tacuarembo

Facts and Figures

The department and the capital city both share the name of Tacuarembó. This double designation that has the capital city and the department bearing the same name is quite common in the other Uruguay departments as well.

The population in Tacuarembo Uruguay is close to 100,000 which is relatively small, given the size of this Region. However the population is once again showing positive growth; and as economic conditions change there are many who believe that the overall growth of this Area will soon begin to expand even more rapidly.

There are fewer than 30,000 separate households in the department of Tacuarembo Uruguay. The population has near equal representation of both sexes. Currently there are an estimated 99 males per 100 females.

The birth rate for those living in the Department of Tacuarembo is approximately 18 per 1000 individuals.

The average age of the Tacuarembo population is only 29 and
the life expectancy in this area ranges from 70-78.

Places to Visit

There are at least half a dozen towns in the Department of Tacuarembo Uruguay that have populations of at least 1000 people. These include:

  • Paso Bonilla
  • Tambores
  • Ansina
  • Tacuarembo
  • Paso de los Toros
  • San Gregorio

Accomodations in Tacuarembo Uruguay

Tourists are beginning to discover that regions such as the Department of Tacuarembo have their own unique charms and attractions.
The coastal beaches are a main draw for visitors in Montevideo, Uruguay but there are forests, parks and exotic rivers that can be discovered when exploring an area in Uruguay’s largest department of Tacuarembo.

One place that you might want to consider staying when you travel to the Tacuarembo Department is the Hotel Carlos Gardel. This hotel in Uruguay is near the center of the capital city and is not too far away from the city’s bus terminal. You can hire a taxi to take you from the terminal to Hotel Carlos Gardel for less than $1.

Although most of the people of Uruguay who live in Tacuarembo may not speak fluent English you will still be able to communicate with them. At the hotel you will also find that the employees are very friendly and they try very hard to make sure that your stay is pleasant and enjoyable.

While staying at the hotel the cost of coffee and breakfast is part of the package. For lunch and dinner you can order meals at the Hotel Carlos Gardel or you can simply walk across the road and dine at La Rueda. This restaurant serves traditional Uruguay food and the low cost of these meals is an added bonus.

Two other hotels that are in the Department of Tacuarembo include the Hotel Central and the Tacuarembo Hotel.

You need to remember that these are not going to be the more luxurious accommodations that you will find in the nation’s capital city of Montevideo, but the rooms are clean and comfortable.

When you visit the cities in the Tacuarembo region you will have the chance to really discover the true beauty and adventure of Uruguay life.

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