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Welcome to the City of
Fray Bentos Uruguay


Fray Bentos Uruguay is an idyllic tourist site for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of Uruguay food, landscape, climate and culture. Frey Bentos is situated along the river cliffs and this enchanting Uruguayan city beckons majestically to visitors throughout the year.

The atmosphere is relaxed and unhurried and unlike many other locations you will feel no need to rush once you arrive in Fray Bentos Uruguay.

As the capital city in the Department of Rio Negro Fray Bentos has long enjoyed an important and distinguished reputation as a natural port city. The waters that flow against the banks are wide and deep, and even the larger draft boats are easily sheltered.

From the docks that reach out far into the expanses of the Uruguay River, the people of Uruguay and tourists can treat themselves to panoramic views, fish or simply enjoy the sights and the sounds of this delightful harbor.

The beauty of the surroundings, the lush forests and the river traffic are just a few of the features that have made Fray Bentos a Uruguay tourist destination. Although there are a number of modern shops and restaurants, in this city many people choose to come here to enjoy nature, fishing and other outdoor activities.

The Las Canas resort is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Fray Bentos Uruguay. At a distance of less than 10 kilometers from the town's center visitors can wander the wide promenades, visit a park or garden, go sailing or relax in comfort on the sparkling, sunny shores.

There is always something exciting
to see or do at this riverfront
resort and guests are never bored.

Argentina tourists come to Fray Bentos, Uruguay each year because of its geographical location. The city does have a small airport that becomes quite busy at certain times of the year. This riverfront town is located about a day's travel from Montevideo but is relatively close to Buenos Aires.

It is also directly connected to Gualeguachu, Argentina by the Libertador General San Martin International Bridge. Uruguay's own Route 2, Route 24 and Route 3 are additional highways that make travel to Fray Bentos an easy task from almost any of the cities in Uruguay.

With a temperate climate, tree lined streets and breezes that drift inland from the Uruguay River the weather is quite pleasing and easily tolerated no matter what time of year you may choose to visit.

The spring and summer seasons are the months when most tourists arrive but you will find that there are a number of visitors who come to stay even during the colder months of the year.

Uruguay history buffs can visit the Barrio Anglo where European influences are highlighted. This national historic monument is a setting that consists of more than 100 19th century homes and buildings.

You can see the original Anglo Slaughter house which now has been transformed into a museum devoted to the history of meat packing and meat production. You will indeed marvel at the many well preserved, architectural features and details of the many other buildings that are located at this popular tourist attraction.

Other sites of interest in Fray Bentos, Uruguay include the Young Theater, the Solari Museum and Artigas Square. Restaurants and street vendors offer a wide variety of foods and drinks from mate and freshly cooked empanadas to more unusual and exotic Uruguay food.

With constantly changing adventures to offer and a quiet natural setting Fray Bentos is definitely a place to consider the next time you decide to Explore Uruguay.

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