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The Department of
Rivera Uruguay


The Department of Rivera Uruguay is less densely populated than Montevideo or Canelones but it has rich social, historical and cultural traditions that set it apart from other Uruguay territories.

Although agricultural pursuits are a mainstay to the local Uruguay economy mining is equally important as this area is famed for its wealth of minerals including quartz and gold.

Department Of Rivera

The capital city is also named Rivera Uruguay and there are strong ties between this town and the nearby Brazilian city, Santana do Libramento. One of the ties involves Joao Pessoa which is the International Square that geographically connects both Santana do Libramento and Rivera.

The relaxing atmosphere and casual lifestyle embraced by the Uruguayan people of Rivera makes this a comfortable and stress free vacation destination.

Although there are theatres, shops and restaurants to visit all tourists are encouraged to explore the Department of Rivera Uruguay at a leisurely pace.

In the capital city one can wander through the shelves of books and documents that are contained in the Library Artigas at the intersection of Uruguay and Artigas Streets.

There is a wide variety of reading and viewing materials available and there are also some works by local artisans on display.

You should also explore the Museum of Rivera Uruguay which is another popular Uruguay tourist attraction. If you are lucky you may even have a chance to enjoy a personal visit with one of the artists or have an opportunity to watch a local artist create a new drawing or sculpture.

The Department of Rivera even has an International Park located in the capital city. During the holiday Week of Rivera the people of Uruguay and tourists are able to experience the holiday festivities that transform this large community park into a veritable playground of fun and wonder.

The Department of Rivera is also known for the landmark attraction, Hill of Marco which features an illuminated National Shield. The views from the top of this hill allow you to see sites that are very far away including the city streets of both Santana do Libramento and Rivera.

Another site of interest in the Department of Rivera is Minas de Corrales. This small city was named for the gold mines that were discovered here years ago. Today mining for gold in Minas de Corrales is still taking place.

There is even a street in this city that is named for an English doctor who arrived in the Department of Rivera to search for gold.

Dr. Davison overcame his gold fever and he remained in Minas de Corrales in order to provide humane and affordable medical treatment for the community. Today the main thoroughfare is known as Francisco Davison Avenue.

Many hills exist throughout the Department of Rivera. These include summits of basalt in the southern reaches of the department and other rolling hills such as the Tres Cerros, Cuñapirú, and Jeronimo.

These provide visitors and researchers with unique opportunities to study and view some of the more unusual geographic topography as they Explore Uruguay.

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