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02.03.2014 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


"Really, it is perverse that we should ever be sanguine about inflation. It would be as if we screamed bloody murder if someone broke into our house one night and stole all our flatware, our electronics, and our precious metals. But if the same burglar had the key and came in every day to grab just a fork, an iPod, or a Krugerrand, should we happily announce that we are experiencing a low-burglar rate?" -- Lew Rockwell.

Dear Folks,

This week, the airlines have brought back some of our strayed members, and of course we look forward to seeing them back at La Papoñita on Sunday at 14:00 (2 pm). And to welcome them back, the price for a bus ticket in Montevideo is going up again, from $21 to $22. Welcome home..... :-(

Of further interest may be:

1. Holidays: Carnaval Time in Uruguay is almost over. To be precise, this means that all manner of official offices, including Inmigración, banks and such like will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, March 3rd and 4th. Big grocery stores will be open, but some smaller shops may close, should the owners feel so moved. It is recommended that you plan accordingly.

2. Carnaval Activities in Montevideo--Ash Wednesday is next week, so this is the height of the Carnaval season activities. Every evening, there are events you can visit at the Museo del Carnaval on the Rambla around the corner from the Mercado del Puerto in Ciudad Vieja. There are also nightly events at the Teatro de Verano on the Rambla (see the website for the program):

as well as at the Stadium just off Blvd. Italia, and in many other venues.

You can check out what's happening where at,CARN,1,1,37

and click on "Más Carnaval" to get more options.

3. Carnaval Activities in Uruguay--

Check out the following website for all manner of activities all over Uruguay, for the
history of Carnaval here, for programs at the different places, and for the different kinds of events:

Of particular interest may be:

a) Montevideo may be the main city in Uruguay, but it is not the main city for Carnaval activities. Up in Artigas, they have Carnaval parades like the famed parades in Rio, complete with Samba, lots of music and different groups, and they will take place on this coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday. (OK, so this should have been announced last week, so you might have had a chance to book a hotel room there--now it is probably full up, but if you are travelling up that way, you might be able to book in a town (more or less) close by.)

b) And, if you don't want to go that far, there are parades closer to home, for example, in Piriapolis on Tuesday, March 4th, starting at 21:30.

4. Service being sought by one of our members:

Does anyone know about glass bottled water home delivery in MVD? Someone just mentioned they saw a truck delivering liters of glass bottles to a home...and unfortunately wrote down the wrong telephone number from the am still looking for something like that depending on the cost vs the plastic jugs at TI.

5. Of interest to those trying for a gluten-free diet:

I have found gluten-free cookies at Disco, as well as bread, cake and pancake mixes. I also found a great gluten free bakery in Pocitos...great bread, empanadas etc... Gluteno, Scoseria 2637 esq Fco. Aguilar (just south of Disco on the east side). I have been given the name of another place north of Centro but haven't been there.

Does anyone have more tips or recommendations on where to get gluten-free products? Let me know.

Which concludes the round-up for this week.

The weather is beautiful, and Sr. Torres is back and taking good care of us, so come by La Papoñita on Sunday at 14:00 (2 pm) and have a good time

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