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by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Dear Folks,

Changing the meeting time to 14:00 (2 pm) on Sunday created some confusion, but we are going to try it for a while yet, so please remember: not noon, but 2 hours later. That gives you plenty of time to wander around the big market at Tristan Narvaja, just 3 blocks away.

1. Don't forget the concert on Wednesday, December 5th at 19:30 (7:30 pm), info about which is below. Anyone who has already heard Debora Wainkrantz will certainly want to come--and those who have not yet hat the pleasure will be well rewarded. This is a free concert, so no tickets are required. The Museo Zorrilla is in Pocitos, past the shopping center, almost to the Rambla. A bunch of us are already planning to attend, so we will see you there.

2. A Hebrew Grocery store is to be found on Ellauri 696. No word yet on exactly what is to be found there, but perhaps we will get a full report on Sunday from a visitor to said establishment.

3, Banking again--this time, setting up automatic payments. Although it is said to be simple to arrange, don't set it up and go away for a spell, relying on the bank to make the payments. It can take from 2 months to more than 8 months, as sorry experience has proven. So be sure to make arrangements for someone to check when the bills arrive that they have actually been paid by your bank, or you will find your services terminated, and will be treated to the delights of getting everything turned back on again....

4. Hard as it may be to believe, what with the wonderful weather, Christmas is coming, and postal delivery times being what they are, you better mail off anything you are planning to have at its destination by Christmas.

5. And don't forget--January is holiday time, so lots of people will leave Montevideo for holidays. The market at Tristan Narvaja shrinks noticeably, and many doctors will not be available. Plan accordingly.

People are coming back from all over the world to enjoy Uruguay for a time, and some are expected this Sunday, so be sure to come and welcome them.

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