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06.04.2014 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


"The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best." -- Thomas Sowell.

Don't be confused by this record-breakingly early Bulletin. No, it is not Wednesday or Thursday or Friday, it really is Sunday night when this is being written (though you may not open it until Monday morning).

This in no way changes the fact that a week from now, on Sunday, April 6th, the group will be gathering again at La Papoñita at 14:00 (2 pm) for food and frolic.

But there are 3 items that absolutely must be passed on asap, by which is meant before Monday, March 31st, so it seemed sensible to write the Bulletin now, since there are more things to include already. And now the reasons for the early Bulletin:

1. Two of our friends are returning to Montevideo on April 1, and need a place to stay for about 3 weeks. They wrote:

"Just a room in some ones home would be okay."

Both he and his wife are world travellers, have been with our group from the outset, and it would be super if someone could have them over to their place, or knows of a place they could rent from April 1 to April 21.

Please let me know right quick!

2. Monday morning activity--People with US Passports or Green-Cards are requested to spring into action. In the last Bulletin, the information about the terrible situation of the son of one of ours was described. Now his mother wrote:

Please share widely!

On Monday, the Senate is likely to vote on an urgent Medicare bill (HR 4302) that includes an unrelated program to fund forced psychiatric treatment (Title 224, Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program). A Medicare rule kicks in Tuesday, April 1, that cuts payments to doctors. The House passed HR 4302 on a voice vote with no debate last Thursday. The Senate could do the same Monday and the President could sign it before midnight.

Call both Senators from your State IMMEDIATELY. (They will vote on this bill Monday.) Leave a short message:

“I am (name, city). My Senator should NOT vote for a Doc Fix that includes Section 224 of the House bill (HR 4302). Section 224 has nothing to do with Medicare. It would use Federal dollars to pay for forced psychiatric treatment in our communities. Forced treatment is traumatizing. It criminalizes people in crisis. It scares people away from seeking help. It is costly but

not effective. Keep Section 224 out of the Doc Fix bill. (Leave your phone number if you want a return call.)

Please make these calls TODAY. Your voice counts if you make the calls!

3. Anyone suffering from chronic pain, injuries or the like might like to make note of the practice of one of our number. She writes

Holistic therapist in Punta area from U.S.A. Dr. Darielle Richards, energy medicine practitioner, offers effective and fast acting relief for chronic pain, injuries, post surgical trauma. Darielle is holistic in her approach, and also offers energy psychology and spiritual healing and regression. Thirty years of practice. 091 419 127 at Punta Ballena. DarielleRichards (a),

4. Last minute free concert announcement: One of our number write:
Sodre's at it again, in more ways than one. They've posted a new symphony concert by OSSODRE under Stefan Lano for Thursday, April 3rd. Here's the link:

Note that it's going to be at Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, but they don't give an address. L However, that's the name of the church on Soriano, and the picture sure looks like it… (and it turned out it is--Marita).

The program is:
Idilio de Sigfrido de Richard Wagner
Dúo Concertino para clarinete, fagot y orquesta de Richard Strauss con la participación solista de Martín Castillos en clarinete y Esteban Falconi en fagot
Sinfonía Nº 6 en fa mayor op. 68, Pastoral, de Ludwig van Beethoven

5. More about the IVA discount at restaurants and for other tourism-related activities:
There is still a lack of clarity on the 22% IVA discount for foreign cards: It seems that the law says it applies to all "foreign cards", but one of our number writes:
One more item on the IVA.

My wife and I had lunch with another couple today. He paid his bill with MasterCard, and I paid with Visa. On my bill the IVA was removed, but not on his! Hopefully he will see a credit on his statement!

But another participant writes:
Another piece of the IVA puzzle: We will be renting a car to take our 1st trip to José Ignacio next weekend (no, we won't be at UIE L), and the car rental company we'll most likely use says the IVA rebate applies to all cards.

So it might be that some establishments only give the discount for VISA cards, but not for MasterCards, or it might have something to do with the country of issue. Does anyone have any more insights on this topic?

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