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09.03.2014 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


"Jeane Kirkpatrick observed in 1988 that, "Russia is playing chess, while we are playing Monopoly. The only question is whether they will checkmate us before we bankrupt them." -- Karen Kwiatkowski.

There's good news and bad news.

The bad news is that summer is really coming to an end, so Uruguay will be changing from Daylight Saving Time back to regular time.

The good news is that that means you get to sleep one hour longer on Sunday morning (after changing your clocks back one hour before you go to bed, or you might wake up in a panic at having overslept).

Uruguay is not the only country changing times this weekend: The USA is changing, too. However, Europe is not--they won't change until the 29th of March.

So remember to set your clocks back, and come to La Papoñita at 14:00 (2 pm), or don't set them back, and come at 15:00 (3 pm).... :-)

And what else is new?

1. Relevant for those involved in the immigration process: Once again, the Inmigración office is changing the procedures, in the hope of dealing better with the flood. Word has it that, beginning on March 10th, there will be someone you can approach and ask quick questions, and get on the spot answers, instead of having to show up at the crack of dawn to get a number and then wait for hours for your turn.

2. Flat to share for the next 2 months needed right quick: One of our number writes:

I will be back to Uruguay on March 8th. I am looking for a shared apartment to rent in Montevideo for one or two months. My budget is up to 350 USD/month, depends on the location and facilities.

If you know of anything, or would be willing to share with this young man, please let me know right quick.

3. Good news about the IVA, the 22% Value Added Tax you pay on everything here. One of our helpful members spreads the word:

IVA rebate with foreign credit cards still works, but now even simpler! Before, the total amount was charged and the IVA rebate appeared as a credit. Now, the restaurant takes IVA off and just charges that amount.

4. Tango Restaurants--For those wanting to watch or
participate in some of the local traditions:  Tango--there are a number of restaurants where this is possible.

Lo de Margot
Constituyente 1812
Tel. (598) 2413 66 94

Joven Tango
Aquiles Lanza 1290 esq. San José
Tel. (598) 2901 55 61

Las Musas
San José 885
Tel. 094 221 307

La Creperie
Bartolomé Mitre 1332
Tel. (598) 2915 98 58

Vieja Viola
Paysandú 1639 casi Minas
Tel. (598) 2403 62 30 / (598) 2924 31 09

Carlos Gardel 967
Tel.(598)  2908 84 77

Plaza Mayor 
Plaza Cagancha 1327
Tel. (598) 2908 84 77

Bar Fun Fun
Ciudadela 1229
Tel. (598) 2915 80 05

El Milongón
Gaboto 1810 esq. La Paz 
Tel. (598) 2924 05 94

El Hacha
Tel. (598)  2915 28 23

Lo de Margot
Constituyente 1812
Tel. (598) 2413 66 94

Restaurante Arcadia
Radisson Montevideo - Plaza Independencia 759
Tel. (598) 2902 01 11

Venta de productos de Tango
La Botica de Tango
San José 1312
Tel. 094 206 990

5. Concerts--Now that summer will soon be but a fond memory, not only is school starting up again, but the concert season is upon us as well. Some events that may be of interest in March, April and May are included in the list below. If there is something else that interests you, and you would like to know if others want to come, too, just let me know.

For now, read through the list and see if there is anything you would like to go to. Eduardo Alfonso is a pianist well worth listening to, so if you haven't already enjoyed his playing, the choral concerts would be a good opportunity to do so, and those concerts are Free!*

For ticketed events, we usually set it up so that one person gets the tickets for everyone who wants to attend, and then we meet beforehand for a spot of something, and then go to the event together. Since the Youth Orchestra concert on the 14th is next Friday, please let me know by Sunday evening, March 9th, if you would like to go so we have time to get tickets for everyone interested.

*"Free" means no tickets and no fee, but donations are always requested.
If you have read through all the way to this point, thank you, but I will not try your patience any further. This is quite enough for one week.

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