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09.12.2012 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Dear Folks,

The get-together at Torrente overflowed the table set up for us, so we moved all the tables and then some outdoors, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. And thus:

1. it was decided to meet now at Torrente at 14:00 (2 pm) every Sunday until further notice.

2. Doug Casey will be the featured speaker at the Uruguay Phyle in Punte del Este on this coming Saturday, December 15th.


12 - 2 PM – Please come to socialize with friends who you may not have seen in a while!
2 - 3 PM - The restaurant will serve lunch during this time (300 pesos per person).
3 - 4:30 PM – Doug will speak with us, followed by a Question and Answer session.
4:30 - 5 PM - Final socializing and we’re out the door by 5 PM, as the restaurant needs to re-set the dining room.

WHERE: The CALEXICO RESTAURANT, located near the Rotonda de Roosevelt y Artigas y a 20 metros Del Novillo Alegre, in Punta Del Este.

RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED: I am expecting great interest in hearing Doug’s talk! So as to not overwhelm the restaurant with people showing up at the last minute, please RSVP to

3. Aida is the opera from the Met (Metropolitan Opera in New York City) that will be broadcast at the Teatro Solis this Saturday, December 15th, beginning at 15:55 (3:55 pm). This is a regular event, and the Met streams the performance to opera houses all over the world. Roberto Alagna will sing Radames, and you can find out more at the Met or the Teatro Solis websites.

4. Just in time for the Christmas rush, Tres Cruces has opened something like 60 new shops, and there is now a grand entrance from Blvd. Artigas. Quite impressive, the whole thing, complete with fountains. If you haven't seen it, it is well worth looking at.

5. And, on the subject of Christmas, for those who do not yet have a church, but would enjoy a Christmas dinner and a Christmas Pageant, the same will be on offer this coming Sunday at the Iglesia Biblica en Parque Batlle at Dr. Manuel Quintela 3280 (esq. J. Mazzini). The dinner will feature steak, pork and sausages from their grill, and costs 150 pesos per adult, and, as I recall, 100 pesos for children from 7 to 11 years of age. RSVP requested, so call Keith Hock, the US pastor there, at 2481 3341 or 094 242 593 to find out more and to let him know how many will be coming.

6. A few weeks ago, a flat for sale in Colon was mentioned. There is now further info on that: The seller is under time pressure due to a trip. He says there is new plumbing, and
it is in good condition--you could move right in. 2 bedrooms, living/dining area, & bath. The front is tiled, and the back has a barbeque area. It is quiet, and 5 blocks from the plaza (main square). The asking price is US $ 30,000. For more info, call the owner at 094134120.

7. And, while we are on the topic of real estate, another offer has been brought to my attention:

I (Max) have a property in Las Piedras that occurs to me could be interesting to an expat looking for an income stream in Uruguay.

My father left us (my 3 sisters and myself) a large 3 bedroom house and 2 apartments all on 1 plot in Las Piedras.
The plot is located centrally about 5 blocks from the Plaza (heart of the town).
Anyone can drive by and take a look. Its a corner property with the house on one side and the garage and apartment entrances on the other street. Its on the corner of Herrera and Espinola, which runs parallel to the train tracks, 2 blocks from the train station and 2 blocks from Avenida Artigas (main Street). The address is: Espinola 544 Las Piedras, Canelones. My escribana has keys to go and take a look at the property if someone is interested. Her name is Gabriela Gonzalez Pineiro, her office is about 8 blocks away and she has a MagicJack with a US number! I usually call her on that one from the States. Her phone contact info is:
- uruguay cell# 099 445 950 - MagicJack # (305) 514-9015

Rents from the 2 apartments are about $10000 pesos p/month and have long time renters. I am in the process of putting in a new updated bathroom, painting and weatherproofing the concrete roof of the main house and the garage. The real estate folks tell me it can be rented for about 14000 pesos p/month.

The house and apartments valued separately total to about $235000 dollars currently according to the real estate people.
I want to keep it all and collect rents but my sisters have outvoted me and want to sell it.

The breakdown on the property would be:
- $130000 dollars for the house
- $60000 dollars larger 2 bedroom apartment
- $40000 dollars for smaller 1 bedroom apartment
- total $230000
-since its all on 1 plot it has to be sold all together
- the real estate people tell me there is a process to separate the 3 properties in the local 'municipio' and it would cost about $5000 dollars and take about 6 months

If someone is looking for consistent rental income or wants to live in the house and have
all their expenses paid with rental income it could be attractive.

See you soon.

Regards...................Max Altolaguirre(NY),
c 1.631.764.9699

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