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11.08.2013 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)


"It ain't what you don't know that makes you look like a fool; it's what you know that ain't so" ---- Josh Billings

Dear Folks,

While we continue to meet at La Papoñita on Sundays at 14:00 (2 pm), and encourage you to come by and join us, other people have some other ideas. Like

1. Jerry thinks some trips might be in order:

With a tip of the hat to "Animal House," it occurs to me that a road trip or three might be in order. As the frosty Uruguayan winter crawls toward spring, this 'ol bear's thoughts drift towards warmth... To this end we've been nose-to-keyboard trolling for hot springs, bus charters, good eating places, fun shopping, and similar sybaritic toys.

The emerging image is a trial 3 or 4 day "run-away" with a group of nearby English speakers + local friends - thinking a (nice) charter-bus leaving Hotel Viapark in Parque Del Plata, off to a neat hotel at the Dayman Termas (hot springs) near Salto, bubble a few days, bus brings us back here. Maybe some independent side shopping/sightseeing trips into Salto or Argentina, local buses run frequently I'm told.

Costs hopefully on the $125-$225 level per person at first glance, influenced by the number of players, time of week, destination hotel, bus company --- on and on. We will need 20 to 40 folks on board to make these numbers work. Thinking of a trip soon, last week of August or first part of September.

If this sounds interesting get back with me, would like an idea of any thoughts you may have -- when to go, length of stay, suggestions from those who have been there etc. As a nose-count emerges I will get specifics on where/when/cost etc. and send that around asap. If we all have fun there are lots of fascinating places in the southern cone to explore - Iguazu Falls, Machu
Pichu, Patagonia......

These links are to a few of the providers I have visited with so far, gives us a feel for the mood we will be moving into.

Swimming Pool

E-mail replies are good, cell is 091323711, hotel 43755213, Skype is jerry.bruner (the one in Nevada). An even better reply path is our newly active web page - Click the News & Events button - there is a link to email. Also, if you register your e-mail in the "subscribe to our news & events blog" on the home page we can keep you keep you tuned to what's happening locally.

Hope to be flooded with feedback from y'all soon.

Life = Fun

2. Someone needs to have a letter hand-carried to the USA for posting. He wrote:

I would like to know if anyone knows someone traveling soon to USA?
I would like to send an important letter to be mailed.
I will be happy to reward them for their kind service!
Thank you very much.

Randy Smeds / 093328277

3. The adventures of communication are ongoing, so here are some pointers from a helpful sufferer:

Potential Antel DSL gothca: If you get DSL for less than a year, Antel puts you on a promotion contract with a specified term. The term appears to start from the contract date, not your install date.

The contract can be extended if you provide Antel advance notice, but Antel does not give you any reminders! If you haven’t extended and the expiration date arrives, your DSL is disconnected and you have to start all over as a new install. Doesn’t matter that you had DSL before, that the line’s still active, that you still have a router, etc. You go back to square one.

4. And, on the topic of SIM cards, beware:

SIM surprise: If you buy a SIM for your cell phone, it expires after 1 year of non-use and is no longer any good.

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