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17.03.2013 Bulletin


AND " the words of a friend of mine, the late James J. Martin, the political "Left" and "Right" are simply "two wings of the same bird of prey." 
The Slave Mentality by Butler Shaffer 17.8.04

Dear Folks,

Our continued restaurant hopping will take us back to Babieca this Sunday, March 24th. This means first that we will get togetherat15:00 (3 pm), not the usual 14:00 (2 pm). It also means, since the restaurant always wants a head count, that a response is requested if you plan to come

Last week, we were at Amaranto for the first time, and the special we had requested, the stew, was pronounced delicious. We plan to be back there soon, but not this week or next, because

1. This coming week is semana Santa, (Holy Week,) or Turismo, depending on who you are talking to. The week is the last hurrah of summer, so count on Montevideo emptying like a washing machine in spin cycle. Some places will be closed all week, some will be open Monday and Tuesday, but closed thereafter, and pretty much everything will be closed for Easter (except food stores). Plan ahead.

2. Forever Tango de Luis Bravo, a musical history of the dance, is scheduledat the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April. Those interested in going in a group with others please let me know as soon as possible, along with your

choice of date or dates, and we can arrange it. 

3. On the topic of performances at the Auditoria Nacional del Sodre, the currently running ballet La Sílfide, and it is excellent. Not just the dancing is truly memorable--the whole production is magnificent: The orchestra, the costumes, the sets, the lighting--it was all truly first rate. So if you have any interest in the classical arts, do go see it. There will be performances on March the 22nd, the 23rd, the 24th, the 26th and the 27th, with ticket prices starting at $ 120 (pesos), and the auditorium is designed so that even the cheapest seats have good acoustics and visibility.

4. The Sodre also has a radio station at FM 97.1 that plays a selection of music like no other. You can listen on the radio, of course, or online. Go to

Click on Babel 97.1 box on the left, and you can listen through iTunes, for example.

5. Some of you haven't yet sent in your list of 3s:

3 things you wish you had brought to Uruguay

3 things you are really glad you brought and

3 things you brought but found you didn't really need

Several people who are in the process of moving here are really looking forward to this, so please send me your contribution of 3 (or more) items for any or all of the categories before you finish reading this message and go on to the next..... :-)

6. This is NOT the week for the Friday meeting at Costa Azul.

Enough for the moment.
Cheers, Marita

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