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20.1.2013 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Dear Folks,

Those of you who chose not to come last Sunday missed out on a spectacular birthday cake, brought from Baipa in Atlantida to celebrate Jess's birthday. However, we were able to deal with the situation, so Pat did not have to take any of the cake home with her.... :-)

Items of possible interest include:

1. This was sent for inclusion in this bulletin:

Nice young couple are going home so the children can really get to know their grandparents, have a few items offered for sale. Here's a link:

2. A discussion of maps. There is a neat pocket map of Montevideo put out as advertising by Alberto Gandolia Papeleteria--but that was a while ago, so it is unclear whether the Minimaps are still available there, but if you go by one of the stores, you might ask. Punta Car (a car rental agency) also has a good map of Montevideo. There are a number of maps available through

3. Several people are planning car trips around Uruguay, and asked about places that are really worth visiting, but are not tourist sites or recommended in the guide books. Does anyone have any hot tips?

4. Bosque Lusisch, the woods by Punte Ballene, between Montevideo and Punte del Este, was warmly recommended. There are interesting stories about the early owner, and the woods are known as a healing place with a special aura.

5. Things being looked for include

a) salt without flouride, anti-caking ingredients and all such

b) a crafts store, with things like beads and earring backs

c) but organic peanut butter has been located--but in 5 liter or gallon pots. Ideal if several want to buy it together and divide it up (unless you have 9 children, in which case you may be able to deal with it in the family.....)

6. And then there are car taxes, that can be paid online: a helpful member found:

A UY friend sent me this: - paying the whole year in January (as with real estate) yields significant savings.

7. It seems it might be time to move to a different restaurant again, particularly since, when Fall and Winter are upon us, we need a good place to be inside. So do come on Sunday and help with the discussion, as a new opportunity has been found.

Sunday, of course, we will still be meeting at Torrente at 14:00 (2 pm).

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Cheers, Marita

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