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21.4.2013 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


"In Bastiat‘s (1801–1850) view, government was (or was fast becoming) a morbid system whereby “everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else”."

It's back to Babieca in the Ciudad Vieja this Sunday, April 28th. This always has two consecuences: 1. We will be getting together at 15:00 (3 pm) instead of 14:00 (2 pm). 2. It also means that the courtesy of a response is requested, since the restaurant always likes to know beforehand how many people will be coming. So please let me know by Friday, April 27th whether you will be coming this time, so the number of participants can be passed on to Carla.

Other items of potential interest include:

1. Book Exchange: One of our number has written in to pass on the fact that "there is a book exchange opposite Disco on Scoseria in Pocitos. Quite a lot of English books there." Given this fact, are we still interested in setting up our own book exchange?

2. The List of 3s was appended to the Bulletin last week, along with the request for more entries in the two new topics that were added: Things people haven't found here yet and Things people thought they didn't need, but are very glad to have. Also, if you know where to get the items, do pass this info on!

Generally, what glaring omissions jumped out at you?

3. Another helpful participant sent a link to "some very useful tax
for those who want move to and settle in Uruguay."

It also covers business tax information.

4. Items for sale include
a) " We have a wonderful new veterinarian neighbor in the campo looking for a home for some puppies. I've taken some photos and provided some commentary. I'd appreciate it if you could share with your mailing list when you next enviar a missive.

Adorable puppies!

b) And, while we are on the topic of house pets, there are kittens to be given away to good homes. Let me know if you need such an addition to your household, and your request will be passed on.

c) A bed from the USA--140 x 200 cm. Almost new. Being offered for Pesos 7,000.

d) A woman's bicycle with everything, from Germany, where it cost €870. For sale for US $ 600.

More information can be had--just indicate your interest to receive it.

5. Any newcomers who are having to wait for their internet hook-up might be interested in borrowing or purchasing a (used) Claro stick. If you act fast, you get $6 worth of connection time for free.... :-)

6. Since the purpose of this bulletin is to circulate information, if you have anything to contribute that might be of interest to others (within reason, of course), please send it in.

7 . This is the week for the Friday meeting at the Costa Azul at 20:00 (8 pm), though don't get discouraged is others don't start arriving until somewhat thereafer.....

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