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25.05.2014 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo, Uruguay)


"There are always Eskimos ready to work out the guidelines for Congo inhabitants on how to act in case of the extreme heatwave." -- Stanislaw Jerzy Lec.

Dear Folks

Rain, cold, winter. Grumble.... But hey, there is always the UIE in Montevideo every Sunday at 14:00 (2 pm) at La Papoñita, with lots of folks who are eager to discuss anything and everything, so don't sit at home cursing the weather! Come by and meet all the new folks showing up each week, bring some good questions to explore, and have a good time.

Lots to let you know about this week, including:

1. Sad news: One of our longest-standing participants has had to decide that the time has come to leave Montevideo, so she is selling everything. She will have an Open House on Saturday, May 24th, from 2 to 4 pm. She writes:

My mail to you is to let you know I am selling everything ...all household goods, appliances, furniture, linens, dinnerware, cookware, patio furniture, lots of healthy plants, lights, pictures, all quality stuff, for 50 to 60% off original...Many things are from US as well UY...most of you who have been to my apt. and have seen my things and know that I have a lot of quality things that just aren't available here...again all in excellent condition.

I have taken many pix and can send anything you may be interested in seeing, and I am having an open house next Saturday, May 24th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm...if you're interested in coming by let me know and I'll send directions / address...answer any questions you may have...Etc...and or if you know anyone that may also be interested, well I would appreciate your spreading the word... sorry for the bummer news but I am in a hurry to get back home...probably leaving the first week of June...

Lots of pictures, just to let you know the kinds of things on offer. She needs our help, so plan to go by on Saturday. Let me know, and I will send you the address and directions on how to get there.

2. Newcomers need a place to live: Here is a couple that also needs out help. They have less than delightful accomodations until June 10th--after that, nothing, so who knows of an option for them? They write:

Retired professional couple from Key West Florida looking for place to live June 10 - Aug 10 in Montevideo.

Either a small apartment or share your home with a large bedroom (we have 5 pieces of luggage for our 3 month stay - we are in Montevideo now and have place through June 10th) Shared kitchen and laundry privileges. WIFI a MUST.

Centrally located to downtown Montevideo (Centro, Cordon, Pocitos, Punta Carretas, Parque Rodo, Palermo). Sheets and towels provided. Heat and washing machine would be nice.

We will be out of the city traveling and seeing a couple other locations for a few weeks, and since we will be paying for 2 places while traveling we would like to keep expenses to no more than $700-900 per month for a whole small apartment or $400-500 per month for large bedroom with laundry and kitchen use.

We enjoy people and cooking! Many interests!
She a volunteer with animal non-profit in Panama. Please respond with pictures if you have something you think would fit our needs.

Thank you for any help!
Christine and Brian panamadreamin (at)

3. More help needed--this time just in the form of signing a petition. A while back (in the Bulletin of 3.3.2014), you were alerted to the terrible situation of the son of one of our participants. Now, an attempt is being made to bring the problem to the attention of the lawmakers. She writes:

Hi, friends:

My writer friend in North Carolinal, who is an advocate for patient rights, just talked to MoveOn which said they'd promote a petition (if consistent with their issues - healthcare being one) if I can get 15 signatures.

So, here's the petition she created, for the Ohio State House, the Ohio State Senate, and Governor John Kasich which says:

"Don't allow police officers to assault citizens who choose to either take or refuse prescription medications."

Will you sign this petition to help stop the hospital in Ohio from assaulting and force drugging my son? Click here:

4. Moving company recommendations: A couple moving here has asked for the recommendation of a moving company to pack and ship their container from the USA to Uruguay, and all I could offer was the recommendation of a company they should not use.... So please help us get a list of recommended and not recommended moving companies, since there are a number of people moving here in the near future who could use this information.

Please send me your suggestions for the company you used, and whether you found them good, bad, or horrid.... :-)

5. Music:

Taller de Música

But the church as something else on offer on Tuesday evenings--with the Spanish invitation, since you won't get much out of the Taller de Música if you can't speak Spanish.

Queridos amigos,

Tenemos el agrado de contarles que el pasado martes 13 de mayo comenzaron las clases del Taller de música dirigido por Daniel Capretti, el cual tiene como objetivo formar un grupo de música antigua para interpretar obras de los períodos Medieval, Renacentista y Barroco.
Se podrá aprender a tocar Flauta dulce (la familia de modelos) e instrumentos antiguos de percusión (campaniles, sonajas, cencerros, campanas, pandero cuadrado, etc).
Se incluirán también danzas medievales, relatos, historias y un espacio con creación artística para recrear desde nuestro mundo actual lo que nos aportan los protagonistas, procesos, hechos y momentos de la historia de la música.

¿Quiénes pueden participar?
- Todos aquellos que estén interesados en aprender música como principiante o aquellos que ya tengan conocimientos para aportar en la interpretación de obras de música antigua.
- Los que quieran aprender a tocar Flauta dulce, incluyendo solfeo, teoría, lectura y estudio de armonía básica

El taller funciona todos los martes a partir de las 19.00 hs en la Iglesia Evangélica Alemana (Blanes y Durazno). El costo es a voluntad y gratis para quienes no puedan pagarlo.

Por inscripciones y/o mayor información, comunicarse con la secretaría de la Iglesia al 2418.3066 o al 098 930 353 (Daniel Capretti).

Con muchos saludos,
Congregación Evangéica Alemana de Montevideo
Juan Manuel Blanes 1116 esq. Durazno
Teléfono: +598 2418 3066

Whew.... That's quite enough for one week--the rest will be in next week's Bulletin

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