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3.2.2013 Bulletin

by Marita
(Montevideo Uruguay)

Quite a crowd turned up at Babieca, the new restaurant, to try it out. There were a couple of problems like only one waitress for the whole bunch, but she apologized afterwards, explaining that it was still holiday time, so she was alone. The room is large, and has heating (important for the winter), and there will be more waiters in future, so the general feeling was that we should stay at Babieca, so we will do that. Don't forget, Sundays at 14:00 (2 pm).

1. Babieca also has the menu in English, and they were kind enough to send it on to us, so it is appended.

2. The management at Babieca has also agreed to eliminate the cover charge of 35 pesos for us, for which we can be grateful.

3. In exchange, though, Babieca asks that they be informed ahead of time of the number of people planning to come. We have never done this, and of course, no one will be turned away if they haven't said beforehand that they were coming, but most on Sunday felt this was not a major burden, so we are going to try it.

Please let me know by each Friday noon if you plan to come or think you are coming.

4. Don't forget--Carnaval is upon us, and, although Uruguay has the longest Carnaval season in the world, which goes on past Ash Wednesday, the 2 big nights are coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Uruguay also is said to be the country with the most holidays, so be prepared for a Bank Holiday on Monday and Tuesday. (A Bank Holiday is a holiday on which banks and government institutions are closed, and some shops as well, but not all. Of course, the food shops (or al least most of them) will be open.)

5. Items people have asked about:

a) Chocolate: One helpful person suggests:
Here are two recommendations for bakers and chocolate lovers: Zanetti's at Colonia 917 is for baking supplies including great imported chocolate. Tel 2903 0470 The other is Suiza at Convencion 1293 Tel 2900 0765. This store is run by a Swiss couple and they make all the chocolate on the premiss.
b) Peanut butter: Large jugs (1 gallon?) of organic peanut butter are said to be available at Singer's, one of which is on 18 de Julio near Roxlo. There is also a private maker of peanut butter, but that name and address hasn't been reported yet, so that should be in next week's bulletin.


Nearly 10 hectare farm with
very nice 3 bedroom house. 2 outbuildings in need of repair. 10 minutes from Atlantida, 2 minutes from the intersection of Routes 8 and 11,12 minutes from Pando, and 30 minutes from airport. Small stand of eucalyptus, beautiful views, very pastoral, tranquil, next to last house on the road. Soil rating is excellent. House is a spacious, remodeled 2 story with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, large terrace, American style kitchen, laundry room, wood burning fireplace, parrilla with small bath needing finished. Full sized American washer and dryer (whirlpool), deep freezer, 100 liter water heater, and dishwasher included. All electrical and plumbing new and of excellent standard. Many electrical outlets and fully wired for telephone and cable tv. Excellent well water and 1000 liter reserve water tank. Split heating and air conditioning units in kitchen, living room, and 2 of bedrooms. Inside is in move-in condition. Asking $260,000USD. For more information contact the Winklemans at kcwinkleman at yahoo or dwinkleman at the same E-Mail provider. (This cryptc expression of the addresses is to prevent spammers getting them. If you don't understand, send anything to me, and I will forward it.)

7. There is also a Winner brand stationary exercise bike for sale. Pictures are attached. It has all manner of gauges that measure things like heart rate. Any questions you might have will be passed on to the owner--just send an E-Mail. It is currently located in Montevideo. The asking price is US $ 200.

Enough for today. Please don't forget to RSVP by Friday noon about whether you plan to come to Babieca on Sunday. Feel free to indicated your feeling about the request that you do so.... :-)

You can get to the Mercado del Puerto, and thus to Babieca, on any bus that goes through Ciudad Vieja, and get off at Maciel, the pedestrian street that is the last stop going West, before the bus turns to go back East. If you are driving, the easiest way to get there (given all the one way streets in Ciudad Vieja) is simply to head for the Rambla 25 de Agosto de 1825, and turn onto Maciel, which is right across from where the big port Exit sign is with 2 red circles alerting you to the fact that you cannot turn in there, and park right by the Mercado del Puerto. Of course, if you are coming from outside Montevideo, just drive around the city on the Rambla all the way to where you head back east, and then shortly thereafter, turn right onto Maciel.

Hope to see you Sunday at 14:00 (2 pm) at Babieca!

Cheers, Marita

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