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Asado Tipico Uruguayo

by Evelyn

Typical Uruguay barbeque recipe.

Typical Uruguay barbeque recipe.

If you're a carnivore and love a good barbeque, then you have to love the country of Uruguay.

Check out this recipe calling for a half a kilogram of meat per person... Nothing like a 18oz steak. Enjoy!


* Roast (.5kg Per person) or other meat "suitable" for roasting
* Salt


On a grill or portable grill, prepare a fire with firewood.
Place roasting rack on one side of the fire. Salting the meat with salt or salt entrefino barbecue.
When piping hot coals are sufficient to cover the floor under the grill, place them evenly. You can feel the heat with the hand that reaches around the grill.
At that point, you can put meat on the grill with the bone (if any) facing down.
Go add coals during the cooking time.
Cook slowly and turn it around when it begins to release its juice.
It is optional seasoning the meat with "chimichurri". A personal taste is seasoned before or after, I prefer to serve it.


* 1 bunch finely chopped parsley
* 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
* Oil, water, salt

Everything is minced and placed in a jar. Salted and add half water and half oil just to coat.

Seasoning variations are many, ranging from vinegar, dry dressing, oregano, dried chili, chopped bell pepper, etc..

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